WWII Scout Hut under attack from Woodworm

The 1st Carlton Colville Air Scout Group have meet at their HQ in Lowestoft since it was donated to the group in the 1950’s. However they were unaware they shared their converted fishing net store with woodworm until they discovered ‘flight holes’ in wooden equipment.

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The roof void had been used to store equipment for many years, but it was only when holes were discovered in wooden furniture and equipment (stored in this area) that the Assistant Scout leader realised they could have a potentially serious issue.

Once a Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment from Rentokil Property Care, had completed a thorough investigation, it was confirmed that the unwanted tenants were Common Furniture Beetles and their larvae.

The detailed woodworm survey also alarmingly revealed that the infestation had spread to the structural roof support timbers and floorboards. These areas needed immediate treatment to prevent any further damage.

rentokil property care woodworm foggingThe most effective solution to treat the infestation was Rentokil’s unique fogging system. Using this woodworm treatment meant that the whole floor did not need to be lifted during the treatment process. The floorboards within the roof void were safely and effectively treated, without major upheaval for the Air Scouts. The fogging system eliminates woodworm eggs on the surface of timber and prevents further infestation from occurring. This effective woodworm fogging system also allowed the Air Scouts to use the property the following day for its Scout Group meeting.

The Assistant Scout Leader and the 1st Carlton Colville Air Scout Group were left with peace of mind that the woodworm attack was over. Also that their Scout hut was now protected against any further structural damage from this infestation of Common Furniture Beetle and backed with a 30 year guarantee on treated timbers.

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