Zombie Ants Have Been Around A Long Time

Sounds a bit like yet another pest control horror movie, but yes – zombie ants do exist. Considering the number of pests and parasites that are specialized for feasting on humans, it should come as no surprise that even pests can be the target of specialized parasites.

As far back as 48 million years ago, the carpenter ants were “zombified” by the spores of a parasitic fungus which the ants fed on as reported in the Guardian:

Earliest evidence of fungus that takes over ants’ behaviour for its own ends found by scientists.

Take a look at this fascinating clip on the same subject taken from the Planet Earth series as narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

So there is the parasitic fungus and we have also mentioned the parasitic wasp here on deBugged. Got any others to add to what could potentially be a very long list?

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