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South West London

If you're suffering from unwanted property damage, look no further; our South West London branch have professional property care experts on hand to provide the highest quality remedial services. 

Our surveyors and technicians have a wealth of professional experience and knowledge in dealing with property care issues such as damp proofing and timber decay. This means we offer the highest quality local property care services backed by the support, resources and innovative technologies of a national company.

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Areas covered by our South West London Property Care Team

The Belfast branch of Rentokil Property Care covers: Rentokil Property Care - South West London
Rentokil Property Care - Belfast
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Residential Property Care in South West London

The Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and technicians of the South West London branch work closely together to provide the highest quality identification, prevention and removal or residential damp, wood rot and woodworm infestations. These are all potential  issues that could arise within any South West residents household.

    • Damp – We at Rentokil completely understand the irritation that comes with residential property care damage. But save yourself the extra stress by contacting us today to book a survey for your property. A detailed survey report of your particular issue will greatly assist our expert technicians with the remedial treatments you are in need of.  
    • Woodworm – We offer an entire woodworm survey assessing the full extent of your woodworm infestation. Rentokil Property Care like to prioritise local household safety and consider it to be of extreme importance to live in a safe household. Our surveyors will provide you with the best possible course of treatment to get rid of  any woodworm infestation before they cause further damage.
    • Wood Rot –  If your precious household is encountering discolouration of its plaster, then damp may be present. Your local experts at the South West London branch are specially trained to locate and remove rotten timbers and replace them with preservative-treated timbers, guaranteeing you 30 years of safe timbers.

Commercial Property Care in South West London

Your local South West London branch can expertly treat the most common of commercial property care issues using up to date technology, professional equipment and years of experience. Our property care services are available to any size organisation in and around the South West London area. In order to provide your employees and customers with the safest possible environment, book a survey appointment today.

    • Damp – If damp were to pass through the fabric of walls or floors it could lead to structural damage and timber decay (such as dry or wet rot) within the building. We provide an extensive inspection by a qualified surveyor who will diagnose the extent and type of dampness - providing recommendations on the most effective ways to treat the damp problem affecting a property.  Learn more »

    • Woodworm – Spotting the early signs of woodworm is important; allowing a qualified surveyor to complete a woodworm survey assessing the extent of any problem, the type of woodworm involved and recommending the most effective, targeted treatment to eliminate the pest before it can spread any further through the property.  Learn more »

    • Wood Rot – If damp is present within the structure of your property, then you may also be suffering from an unknown wood rot problem. If you are unaware of the signs of wood rot then you should book your commercial property a detailed survey report to determine the best possible causes of actions you should take.  Learn more »

South West London Property Care

Our team of South West London surveyors and technicians aim deliver the highest quality local property care services with the full backing of a trusted nationwide company. The South West London Branch of Rentokil Property Care provides you with:

  • Local knowledge
  • 60 years of experience
  • Residential property care
  • Commercial property care
  • Innovative products and the latest technology
  • Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT)

Richmond was founded with Henry VII's building of Richmond Palace in the 16th century. During the 18th century Richmond Bridge was completed and many Georgian terraces were built, particularly around Richmond Green and on Richmond Hill. As it continued to prosper and expand during the 19th century, luxurious housing was built on the streets that line Richmond Hill. These properties remain well preserved and many have listed building architectural or heritage status today. The former wharf area of Wandsworth river-front has been redeveloped and is now lined with new apartment blocks. Wandsworth Common, at the top of East Hill, is adjoined by an area known locally as "the Toast Rack" which takes its name from its toast rack shape created on a map, which has some of the most expensive Georgian townhouses in London.

Properties of any age, size or style can be exposed to the risks of damage from woodworm, rot and damp. These kinds of problems tend be more prevalent in older buildings, such as Georgian and Victorian properties or those that have been refurbished or repurposed during their lifetime. Unfortunately, the damage that can be caused is not always immediately obvious.

Flooding in the area is not something new, the River Wandle was recorded as early as 1903 bursting its banks across Wimbledon. Other notable incidents such as the heavy storms 2007 and 2014 caused surface water flooding as the sheer volume of intense rainfall cascaded down Wimbledon Hill overwhelming drainage systems. South West London remains vulnerable to surface water and sewer flooding from storm and heavy rainfall events. The large areas of impermeable surfacing (roads, roofs and pavements) and the legacy of Victorian drainage systems are not equipped to cope with intense rainfall that exacerbate the problem. Months after flood waters have retreated, damp may no longer be visible in a building. Yet moisture levels in some timbers within a property, can remain high enough (above about 20%) for dry rot to decay the wood.

Branch Manager

Name: Sonny Cook
Job Title: Branch Manager
Qualifications: BSc

"I have been with Rentokil for four years, having previously studied Building Surveying at university. I was an area surveyor for three years and was promoted to Branch Manager at the start of 2016. I always aim to provide the best level of service and advice to provide the best and most economic level of service to our customers."

Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment

Any building can be exposed to the risks of wood boring insects, wood rotting fungi or rising damp. Unfortunately, damage caused by these problems is not always immediately obvious. Our team are professional Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and are experienced in understanding how woodworm, rot and damp problems can affect a property of any age, period or size and can offer the most effective ways to treat them. They also appreciate how traumatic wood-boring beetles, rising damp or wet rot issues can be, and how important a quick response is to eliminate a problem with the minimum of upheaval to your family or business. For additional peace of mind our treatments come with a 30 year guarantee.