Moth Control

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How to Get Rid of Moths

A few moth species can unfortunately cause a lot of unsightly damage to clothes, carpets and other materials in your home or business. Taking immediate action as soon as you see the tell-tale signs of moths is vital.

How Rentokil Can Help

Our experts are able to quickly:

  • Identify - the specific moth species and the extent of the infestation
  • Recommend - the most appropriate moth treatment for your property
  • Implement - effective, targeted treatments to get rid of moths quickly
  • Advise -  on actions you can take to help prevent further moth problems

So if you've spotted any signs of a moth infestation call us now on 0800 218 2210 to arrange for our local experts to help get rid of moths from your property.

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Moth Control Treatments

At Rentokil we have a range of expert treatments that offer targeted solutions to ensure your moth problem is quickly and effectively eliminated. 

Our treatment options include:

  1. Targeted ph neutral insecticide spray treatments
  2. Pesticide free 'heat pod' treatments
  3. Controlled Atmosphere Technology (CAT) treatments for delicate, fragile items
  4. Clothes Moth Riddance package - Integrated Pest Management solution specifically to control clothes moths

Tips to help reduce moth larvae

Follow these tips to help reduce moth larvae in your home, whilst our team treat your moth problem:

  1. Change vacuum bags often - to make sure you remove larvae and eggs from your property.
  2. Wash all fabrics - soft furnishings, linens, curtains and towels in the affected area – moth larvae find these as tasty as clothes.
  3. Clean and wash down affected furniture - wardrobes, cupboards and drawers, especially cracks and crevices where eggs might be hiding.
  4. Clean suitcases - bags and containers as these might be hiding more eggs or larvae.

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