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Damp, Rot & Woodworm Treatments in Taunton Deane

How Rentokil Property Care can help

We regularly deal with the most common of UK property care issues including wood-boring insects, rising damp, condensation and wet or dry rot. Backed by the resources of a national company, we provide quality property care services, tailored to the needs of our customers from residential homes to a wide variety of businesses, large and small.

    • Damp proofing treatment - helps to prevent water being absorbed through walls or floors into the interior of a property. Our extensive inspections are by qualified and experienced surveyors. Who will diagnose the extent and type of dampness - providing recommendations for the most effective treatments to solve the damp issue affecting your property.
    • Wet or dry rot treatment - helps to eliminate wood destroying fungus that can weaken and damages structural timbers. We offer professional diagnosis of the type of rot affecting the building, and will tailor a solution to protect your property from further damage. All our rot treatments carry a 30 year guarantee.
    • Woodworm treatment - helps to control woodboring beetles and their larvae in infected timbers. Our qualified surveyors will complete a comprehensive woodworm survey accessing the extent of any infestation, the species of woodworm involved and recommend targeted, effective treatment to eliminate the pest before it can spread any further.
    • Basement waterproofing & tanking - helps to transform damp basements, cellars and vaults into dry habitable spaces. Our experienced and qualified surveyors will carry out an inspection survey of your subterranean area and discuss your requirements for this space. They will then recommend suitable options and design a waterproofing system specifically to meet your requirements.
    • Condensation solutions - help to ventilate any kind of property whether apartment, bungalow or house. Replacing the moisture laden air with fresh, filtered air and maintaining humidity levels to reduce or eliminate surface condensation - the main cause of mould growth.

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Areas We Cover across Taunton

Rentokil Property Care covers:
  • Taunton
  • Bridgwater
  • Trull
  • Fulford
  • Bishop's Hull
  • Hasle
  • Langford Budville
  • Creech St. Michael
  • Monkton
  • Heathfield
  • Norton Fitzwarren
  • Milverton
  • Fitzroy
  • Bradford-on-Tone
  • Rumwell


Taunton Deane & surrounding area

Taunton Deane is home to three towns, Taunton itself, bustling Wellington and the historic borough of Wiveliscombe. Taunton's name derives from 'Town on the River Tone' - Tone Town and can be traced back to Saxon times. The area is a mix of historic grade I and grade II listed buildings such as Gray's Almshouses on East Street and a Tudor Tavern (now a coffee shop) in Fore Street, along side Victorian buildings and modern properties built as part of the regeneration of areas such as Firepool, Tangier and the Cultural Quarter along the River Tone. Properties of any size or age can become susceptible to problems such as woodworm or condensation.

Taunton and the surrounding area have a temperate climate, making it wetter and milder than most of the UK. Most rainfall occurs during autumn and winter due to the Atlantic depressions, swept in in westerly winds. Excess damp from heavy rains can pass through the fabric of a property leading to possible structural damage and timber decay from penetrating or rising damp. The topography of the area means that Taunton Deane lies in a 'bowl' surrounded by higher ground with a number of tributaries feeding into the River Tone, making the area vulnerable to flooding from the Somerset Levels and surrounding Moors. Flood defences offer protection to areas such as Tone Green, Frieze Hill, Ruishton, Ham and Tangier, but the urban waterfront area of Taunton remains a flood risk area. Problems such dry rot require a minimum amount of moisture to allow growth, but may occur in voids or under floorboards out of sight.


Tom Quick

I have worked for Rentokil Property Care for over 2 years and have gained a wide knowledge base within the building industry, which has proved valuable when identifying defects and recommending suitable remedial treatment for the preservation of your property.

Name: Tom Quick
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: BSc
Josh Murkin - Damp, Woodworm & Rot Surveyor

Josh Murkin

I enjoy working for Rentokil Property Care as a Surveyor, using my Building Surveyor's degree gained from Greenwich University to offer solutions to timber and damp problems in buildings.

Name: Josh Murkin
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: BSc

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Woodworm Treatment

"You were very helpful, came quick and it was done efficiently. No hastle basically"
  Rating 10/10
- Bridgwater

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