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Woodworm can be a major issue to both residential and commercial properties, luckily we are here to help with over 60 years of woodworm control experience.

Our experts recognise the different types of woodworm and offer targeted treatment to sort the problem out as efficiently as possible. All of our woodworm treatments carry a 30 year guarantee making sure you don't have to worry about recurrence anytime soon.

Woodworms - What are you Dealing With?

The term ‘woodworm’ covers many types of woodboring beetles, some with wonderful names like Deathwatch Beetle and House Longhorn Beetle. Here are a couple of helpful facts about woodworm:

  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in cracks in wood potentially infesting floorboards, furniture, wooden beams and any other wooden objects
  • Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed – and in the process make a maze of tunnels over several years

If you don’t have specialist woodworm control the woodworm larvae can seriously weaken the timbers in a building. 

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Woodworm Species

DIY Woodworm Products

Rentokil DIY woodworm products can be used if you believe your woodworm problem only affects small wooden items, such as cupboards, chairs or tables.