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Rising Damp Treatment

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Rising Damp Treatment

Rentokil Property Care have been repairing rising damp in properties across the UK for decades. This misunderstood damp problem has been a headache for domestic and commercial property owners up and down the land due to it being misdiagnosed and having incorrect or ineffective treatments applied.

The qualified surveyors and technicians at Rentokil Property Care will use their expert knowledge to thoroughly survey any potential problem and come up with the correct rising damp treatment plan for your property. If you suspect your property is suffering from rising damp give us a call today on 0800 0121 437 or click the button below to book a survey online.

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How to Treat Rising Damp on Internal Walls

Most property owners identify a rising damp problem when they spot damp patches on their internal walls. Before any treatment for rising damp on internal walls can start, technicians will need to lift skirting boards around the affected area and remove any plaster that has been contaminated by hydroscopic salts.

The most common cause of rising damp in internal walls is a failed or non-existent damp proof course. This means the most simple treatment is the repair of the DPC or the injection of a new one into the brickwork in liquid form. This is a popular rising damp treatment option due to it being both cost-effective and highly targeted.

This form of rising damp treatment should only be undertaken by an experienced damp proofing technician as it requires a particular level of accuracy to be effective.

How to Treat Rising Damp on External Walls

The outside walls of the property will give you a clear indication of the cause of rising damp and an idea of how to treat it. It can often be the case that a property has a perfectly functional damp-proof course but is still suffering from rising damp because the ground level outside has been built up and "bridged" the damp-proof course. This often happens when features like flowerbeds are raised during garden renovations.

Rising damp problems caused by elevated ground levels can often be solved by simply removing excess soil back below the damp-proof course. A qualified surveyor will be able to spot if this is the case.

Treating Rising Damp

Treating rising damp can be a tricky task to take on independently due to the various potential causes and the accuracy with which the treatment must be applied to be effective. This is why we provide specialist rising damp solutions that are covered by a 30-year guarantee which can be passed on to future owners of the property for complete peace of mind.

The steps below cover what you can expect from rising damp treatment by Rentokil Property Care:

  • Rising damp survey - Using their extensive experience and expertise, a Rentokil surveyor will carry out a detailed survey to pin-point the most appropriate rising damp treatment for your property. This plan will include some combination of the treatment options below...

  • Repair or install a damp-proof course - Dependant on the thickness of the walls, holes are drilled in the mortar/brick to a pre-determined depth and at the correct level and spacing. These holes are then injected with a low odour water based silicone damp proofing fluid (damp proof course) to reduce the movement of water through the capillaries.

  • Repair or replace a damp-proof membrane - Damp proof membranes can also be used in rising damp treatment. These membranes can be installed immediately after the injection or repair of a damp proof course and used as a key for any new plaster. The membrane will separate any new plaster from existing salts and other contaminants on walls.

  • Damp proofing rod - Rentokil's damp proofing rod system is a high strength, liquid free, alternative to regular rising damp treatment methods. These damp proofing rods are inserted into holes in the masonry without the need for an injection pump. As large amounts of fluid are not added to an already wet wall, the time it takes for the wall to dry is substantially reduced. This then allows quicker re-plastering and re-decoration. Also there is no risk of fluid spillage's which reduces the risk of damage to carpets or flooring.

  • Re-plastering - Once our team has completed treating your home for rising damp our technician will ensure any treated walls are re-plastered. Re-plastering includes: 

    • A dense sand and cement render as a backing coat incorporating a waterproof additive. 
    • Application of a gypsum skim coat to give a smooth finish.

Rising Damp Prevention

After the rising damp treatment has been installed and the wall has been re-plastered, some care should be taken with regards to preventing rising damp in the future. A professional treatment programme from Rentokil Property Care will fix the source of the rising damp and any related damage but this does not mean rising damp can never return from another source.

Whenever it comes to modernising, extending or renovating your property it is vital to consider how this might affect your damp proof course. Any changes to the ground level or alterations to the wall, external drainage, plumbing or guttering has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of your damp proof course. Whenever alterations to your property have the potential to affect your damp proofing it is always wise to get the opinion of professional surveyor.

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The rising damp professionals at Rentokil Property Care are Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and our technicians are trained to exceed Property Care Association (PCA) standards. This means they can diagnose your rising damp issue and provide the most effective rising damp treatment available.

You can contact our expert team at Rentokil Property Care today on 0800 0121 437 or click the button below to book a survey.

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