Basement Conversions

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Basement Conversions

Converted basements and cellars are becoming increasingly coveted additions to properties up and down the UK. A professional basement conversion will open up extra space in your home and potentially boost your property value.

The return on investment of a basement conversion is not a simple matter of pounds and pence. A basement conversion can create a happier home by providing space for a home office, games room, spare bedroom, bathroom….the possibilities are endless.

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How to Convert a Basement

When it comes to creating a habitable basement level there are two options available – you can convert a pre-existing basement or excavate a new basement. The former is definitely the more popular option as it requires far less work and is, unsurprisingly, less expensive.

If you want to convert your basement level, you will want to consider the following:

  • Is the space waterproof?
  • Is the ceiling height adequate for domestic use?
  • Is the space big enough for the intended purpose?

Increasing the dimensions of a basement can be tricky but it is not impossible. Excavation will take time, come at a cost, and likely require the consultation of an architect or structural engineer.

If the existing space is already the right size then waterproofing is a relative breeze by comparison.

Do Basement Conversions need Waterproofing?

Put simply - Yes.

Most basements are not designed to be habitable and are surrounded by earth retaining walls, therefore almost all of them have some sort of issue with damp or moisture ingress. If a basement is to be put to any sort of domestic use, waterproofing is essential to avoid future problems with mould, damp problems and rot.

This is where Rentokil Property Care can help. Our experienced and qualified basement waterproofing experts will be able to plan the perfect waterproofing system for your basement and our highly trained technicians will be able to implement it giving you a safe and dry space that will be covered by a long-term guarantee.

Is a Basement Conversion Worth the Money?

The financial viability of a basement conversion is like any other extension, it will depend entirely on how the cost of the conversion stacks up against local property values. In a built up and sought-after area, a basement conversion is usually a good bet as they will give your property a massive advantage over others around it. On the other hand, suburban homes tend to have a ceiling value that is very difficult to smash no matter what improvements you make.

Do Basement Conversions need Planning Permission?

More often than not converting an existing basement or cellar does not require planning permission. The only real exceptions to this are when the basement is going to be converted into a separate property or the external appearance of the property is altered to accommodate the conversion.

Even though most basement conversions are exempt from planning permission, we would still recommend contacting your local authority for advice before commencing any work.

Is your Basement Suitable for a Conversion?

You can usually tell if your basement is suitable simply by looking at the dimensions of the space, but there are other factors to consider and this is where Rentokil Property Care can help.

Our qualified surveyors will help you to find out if your basement cellar is suitable for conversion by conducting a thorough basement survey. A professional survey from Rentokil Property Care will give you the help and advice you need and our team will be able to recommend all the work required to convert your basement or cellar into a dry and habitable space.

Professional Help with Basement Conversions

Rentokil Property Care have the qualifications, training and experience to apply a waterproofing solution to your basement or cellar, leaving it in prime condition for the basement conversion of your dreams.

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