Basement Waterproofing Protection

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Basement Tanking Protection

Once you've decided to invest in converting your basement, cellar or vault into a dry and useful living space the best solution is likely to be basement waterproofing.

Most basement waterproofing solutions are likely to require a pump system to remove any excess build up of water on the outside of the waterproof membrane.

The consequences of a pump failure has the potential to be very costly, if it then involves damage repairs that may require an insurance claim.

We offer an intelligent protection option designed to offer you peace of mind if the unimaginable was to occur.

Maxx Basement Protection

The alert system comprises of three separate yet connected products that work together to protect your subterranean room from pump issues and effectively alert you the an impending issue, such as mains power loss or pump failure and trigger a backup battery power source when needed.

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Battery Backup

The PowerMaxx battery can run 2 x V3 ground water pumps without mains power, potentially for up to 4 days. 

If for whatever reason the power failure occurs the basement pump/s will automatically take power from the battery. The battery will then automatically recharge once mains power is restored.

Protecting your basement room from potential damage caused by a build-up of collecting water.

Backup Battery

This backup pump is specifically designed to run 2 x V3 ground water pumps without mains power for up to 4 days.

High Level Alarm

The AlertMaxx is an independent high level alarm, powered by 240V with a 6V battery as backup in case of power failure.

The system produces audio and visual warnings of a pumping issue, with volt free contacts for external siren and beacon connectivity.

The alarm is available in two different formats; one that alerts to 'Foul water' and another that alerts to 'Ground water'. The Ground water version allows an alarm signal to be given one pump fails, leaving pump two (if fitted) continuing to work.

High Level Alarm

This high level alarm is powered by 240V with a 6V battery backup in case of power failure to provide audible & visual warnings. Available as a Ground water or Foul water alarm

Remote Monitoring

The MessageMaxx remote monitoring works with the alert system to give you remote monitoring when you are away from your property.

Information, messages and critical warning can be sent via text to up to 5 different mobile phone numbers.

The system can also be remotely accessed for status information via text message from any mobile number stored in the system.

Remote Monitoring

This remote monitoring system is linked to high level alarm & backup battery - providing information, warning and critical messages that can be sent via text message to 5 selected phone numbers.

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