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Tanking Basement and Cellar Walls

Tanking is a traditional method of waterproofing walls that has been applied to numerous basements and cellars over the years. It provides a smooth water-tight concrete finish and is very common waterproofing solution in underground spaces used for storage or utility purposes.

Tanking is one of the many waterproofing techniques that the surveyors and technicians at Rentokil Property Care have experience of applying, fixing and replacing.

If you have a damp basement or cellar and think that tanking might be the solution you require, get in touch with Rentokil Property Care today by filling in the online contact form below or call us on 0800 0121 437 .

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What is Tanking?

Tanking is the application of a cementitious waterproof coating, commonly known as tanking slurry, to the walls and floor. Tanking is usually used in underground spaces such as basements and cellars as it is particularly good at resisting hydrostatic pressure i.e. water pressure from the surrounding earth. This has made tanking an extremely popular method of treating damp walls.

It is fairly common for earth retaining walls to get damp. This makes dampness particularly prevalent in underground spaces like basements or cellars . Water from the earth surrounding basements and cellars can make its way through the walls carrying salts and other organic compounds with it, and this will often result in damage to plaster, paint or render on the inside wall along with damp patches and leaks.

Tanking is specifically designed to deal with these issues.

Tanking Slurry

Tanking slurry is a specially formulated mixture cements, aggregates and chemical modifiers. These ingredients work together to stop any water ingress from earth retaining walls. When tanking slurry dries it forms a smooth waterproof barrier that will prevent water ingress and the various damp problems that can arise as a result.

Tanking slurry still remains permeable to water vapour despite blocking water ingress, and this is what allows any trapped moisture like condensation to escape - essentially making the room breathable. This is what makes a tanking system waterproof and damp proof.

Any tanking solution fitted by Rentokil Property Care will fulfil the criteria set out by the British Standards Institute BS 1881, part 122. These BSI waterproofing standards outline best practice in our industry and this attention to quality is what you can expect from our professional team.

When Do Walls Need Tanking?

Rooms below ground level will often need tanking to be functional - It is not just a case of making the basement or cellar look nice. Water ingress will inevitably lead to damp, mould and rot and these conditions can be bad for the health of the property and the inhabitants within.

Any basement or cellar with walls that are wet to the touch or have visible cracks or leaks will benefit from tanking or another structural waterproofing solution.

How to Apply Tanking to Walls

Tanking slurry is designed to be applied to damp walls, making it an immediate solution. Tanking slurry usually requires at least two coats, the first of which needs to be applied horizontally to the wall and should go down to the wall floor joint. Tanking should be touch dry and able to support a second coat within 24 hours.

If you are going to leave the tanking exposed for a while before applying a finish, you should apply an extra splatter coat to ensure an adequate key before rendering.

The professional waterproofing experts at Rentokil Property Care have a wealth of experience when it comes to applying tanking solutions and plenty of experience repairing tanking systems that have gone wrong. If you want professional help and advice when it comes to tanking your basement our team are ready to take your call.

Professional Tanking for Basements and Cellars

Rentokil Property Care have the qualifications, training and experience to properly apply a tanking solution to your basement or cellar. Our surveyors will thoroughly analyse the space and develop the best solution for your property.

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