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How to Damp Proof Walls

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Damp Proofing Walls - Help and Advice

Walls that are suffering from damp can cause damage to paint, plaster, wallpaper and skirting boards, leaving properties feeling dank and inhospitable. If damp walls are not properly treated they can also lead to more serious structural problems.

The surveyors and technicians at Rentokil Property Care have decades of experience damp proofing walls and if you feel your property is suffering from damp walls we are here to help. Get in touch with Rentokil Property Care today by filling in the online contact form below or call us on 0800 0121 437 .

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What Causes Damp Walls?

If you are noticing damp more than halfway up your wall or near the ceiling, the most likely source is penetrating damp. This is a general description of water ingress that makes its way from the outside the property to the internal walls. Wet walls caused by penetrating damp can be the result of extreme exposure to wind-driven rain or excess water from leaking downpipes and gutters.

Rising damp is another common cause of damp walls. Rising damp comes from groundwater so it will only affect walls on the ground floor of a property and will only visible on the lower part of the wall near the floor. Rising damp is usually caused by the failure of an existing damp proof course.

How to Treat Damp Walls

The first step to damp proofing walls is correctly identifying the source of water ingress. The surveyors at Rentokil Property Care do this by thoroughly inspecting the internal and external walls of a property.

Common sources of water ingress include:

  • Cracks in masonry and render
  • Loose and broken roof tiles
  • Leaking gutters and downpipes
  • Tree roots damaging foundations
  • Bridged damp proof courses
  • Damaged sealing of window and door frames
  • Damp cavity wall insulation

Once you have identified the source of the problem, the correct repairs should be undertaken to resolve the problem before treating the visible symptoms. Rentokil Property Care offer a complete service ensuring that damp walls aren’t just patched up but given a long-term damp proofing solution covered by a 20-Year guarantee.

Professional Damp Proofing for Walls

The damp proofing professionals at Rentokil Property Care have the qualifications, training and experience to correctly diagnose your damp problem and develop an effective solution for damp proofing your walls.

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