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How Rentokil supports the hospitality sector

Businesses in the hospitality sector, including hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars need to provide a safe environment for guests, staff and other visitors to their premises. Pests such as rats, mice, flies, cockroaches and nuisance birds can transmit a wide range of diseases through contaminating food and surfaces inside and outside buildings. Bed bugs can cause irritating bites and leave unsightly marks on bedding and furnishings.

Pest infestations can spread rapidly through a building if not dealt with immediately, increasing the cost of elimination. Business owners are expected to implement measures to control pests. For food safety there are strict legal requirements to ensure food and drink served to customers is safe and you must be able to show that your food handling processes are safe.

A bad customer experience can result in complaints and have a negative effect on image and reputation. An outbreak of a food-borne illnesses or unsanitary food preparation and serving areas could lead to fines, suspension of business operations, closure and legal action, resulting in loss of revenue and customers.

The potentially serious financial impact that pest infestations and poor hygiene can have on a public-facing business makes it essential to have effective pest control and hygiene measures in place.

Protecting your business

Rentokil offers industry-leading expertise and technology, developed using decades of experience, to provide the best pest  solution for every part of your business. We can tailor solutions to prevent pest infestations in bedrooms, hotel lobbies, bars and restaurants, offices and staff areas, external areas, and food preparation and serving areas - and mitigate the risk of further infestations.

Discover the many ways Rentokil can support your business:

  • Innovative solutions for hotels and restaurants;
  • Connected, sensing technology with PestConnect;
  • Pest reporting and analysis for audit compliance with myRentokil;
  • Expert insights for risk mitigation;
  • Leading technical capabilities from experts.

Solutions for hotels and restaurants

Rentokil  expertise can offer:

  • Expertise in food safety: we have worked with thousands of businesses in the hospitality sector over many decades. As industry experts, we have the services and solutions to protect your business against a wide variety of pests and comply with food safety requirements.
  • State-of-the-art pest management: we combine pest-control solutions based on the latest research with advanced technologies. Our solutions are developed in our world-leading research laboratory to ensure you always remain one step ahead of pest and hygiene threats.
  • Rentokil IPM: Rentokil offers a unique Integrated Pest Management service to provide a tailored solution for each customer’s needs, based around our ERDM pest management strategy:
    • Exclusion: physical exclusion and pest-proofing of premises;
    • Restriction: removal of elements encouraging the presence of pests;
    • Destruction: quick effective pest control to eliminate an infestation;
    • Monitor: a range of pest monitoring tools give early warning of an infestation for efficient control.
  • Critical appraisal: we offer, as standard, a critical appraisal by BPCA certified surveyors experienced in food safety before implementing a service plan. This is an expert critical analysis of a customer’s premises based on an in-depth investigation, describing factual observations in conjunction with photographic support. The appraisal allows a customer to see a complete overview of their pest control needs. Our critical appraisals identify pest problems early, helping you to plan measures to mitigate risk of future infestations.
  • Food safety auditing support: our customer portal myRentokil provides account management, consolidated reporting and risk profiling, making it easy to provide services across our customers’ local and international network to help you achieve compliance with food safety standards and legislation.

Expert solutions for pest infestations

The application of practical and scientific experience to provide a tailored solution for every area of your premises is the first step in proactively managing the risk of pest infestation and protecting hotel and restaurant businesses.

Rentokil offers a wide range of solutions and treatment services to deter and control pests depending on your business’s pest control needs. These include:

Connected technology to protect hotels and restaurants

PestConnect is a system of connected devices that detect, capture or humanely eliminates mice using traps and monitoring units.

The devices have a range of sensors that send pest capture and detection data automatically to a cloud storage system. This provides continuous 24/7 monitoring and protection essential for protecting food handling businesses from contamination. The technology enables a fast response from our BPCA certified technicians to take action on any issue that may arise and assess the food safety measures needed to mitigate the risk of infestation.

Find out more information about PestConnect.

Online pest control reporting for audit compliance

The myRentokil customer portal is a key solution for our hotel and restaurant customers. This pest analysis and management system provides secure 24/7 access to comprehensive pest control records. It provides online documents and analysis and reporting tools that are essential support for the various food safety inspections.

The myRentokil portal gives access to data and full understanding of the level of risk associated with pests and hygiene.

  • Accurate, detailed records of pest activity: the myRentokil report identifies detected pest species, locations with activity, and site plans of the business with complete pest activity history.
  • Recommendations to help improve the pest management program: a customer can manage open, pending and closed recommendations from the technician, with the ability to provide feedback at each stage.
  • Interactive site plans to demonstrate pest management coverage: Site plans show all the devices and inspection points throughout the customer site, illustrating the defences against pest infestations.
  • Reports deliver data directly to the customer: Reports can be tailored to customer specifications based on pest activity, recommendations, visits, and material usage. Reports can be automatically generated and emailed to the customer at selected intervals.
  • Multi-site tools to manage an entire pest control program: Display a summary of the current status of the pest control program across the complete property portfolio or drill down to detail on individual sites.
  • Proof of service: The Proof of Service Report captures all visit details a technician records during a visit.

Discover more about the advantages of data recording & pest management with myRentokil.

Expert insights for risk mitigation

Over 600 highly trained technicians across the UK can respond quickly and effectively to deal with a range of pest control issues for customers at a local and national level.

Rentokil technicians have all the skills and tools required to help a customer meet their food safety requirements and standards for a specific customer location.

Our service offering includes pest control solutions, removing food safety risks and hazards, damage control, and reporting and documentation for auditing and compliance purposes.

Financial impact of pests

In 2015 Rentokil Initial commissioned the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) to survey over 1,000 decision makers on the financial impact of pests on businesses. From the data gathered, Cebr estimated that in 2014 pest infestations caused an increase in operating costs of £5.8 billion for businesses in the five European countries surveyed and a revenue decline of £11.8 billion. Only 17% of businesses reported no loss of revenue from pest infestations.

The survey showed the three types of pest with the greatest impact on food businesses:

  • Stored Product Insects (SPIs): the most expensive. 60% of businesses reported annual revenue losses of 1–9% due to SPIs.
  • Rats: the most destructive. Over a quarter of businesses reported damage to electrical equipment and 20% reported machine downtime due to rats.
  • Flies: the most likely to cause illness in staff. Flies cause 64% of businesses to worry about compensation claims and 11% to worry about staff illness.

Unique technical capabilities

Rentokil has long been at the forefront of providing our technicians with expertise in pest control and conducting pioneering research to find more effective and efficient pest control solutions.

From our first R&D labs, established in 1952, to a dedicated Video Unit producing training videos and documentaries set up in the 1970s, to our Global Technical Centre, we are unsurpassed in our technical capabilities and our continuing endeavour to improve and innovate in the field of pest control .

Our people

Our technicians and surveyors are British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified professionals. They undergo extensive initial training in pests and pest control, gain accredited professional qualifications and are supported with continuous training and personal development.

We have built up an experienced expert service team across the UK consisting of:

  • Surveyors;
  • High dependency technicians;
  • Field technicians;
  • Entomologists;
  • Field biologists.

Our Global Technical Centre

Our Global Technical Centre is focussed on pioneering innovative new products and solutions, developing new technology and studying pest behaviour.

  • research on pest behaviour provides insights for the development of smarter more effective ways to control rodents and insects;
  • research on pesticides helps develop quick and safe solutions to minimise the use of toxic substances;
  • research focuses on prevention, remote monitoring and added-value information management for reporting of pest activity.