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For 90+ years we have protected properties across the UK from pests

All local technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers

Innovative and unique treatments that resolve pest problems effectively


With over 90 years of global experience in proactive pest management solutions for hotels, our professional hotel pest control services will help you ensure that your guests have an excellent experience during their stay.

Our range of solutions for the hospitality industry reduces the risk of encounters with unwanted pests, protecting your reputation and brand. Whatever the size and complexity of your business, we focus on helping you with industry-leading solutions for every area of your premises to prevent pests and deal with any infestations encountered, including bed bugs and cockroaches, rodents, flies and stored product insects.

Rentokil’s Pest Control Solutions for Hotels

At Rentokil, our team of experts, including a dedicated scientific team, understand that each area in your hotel has different requirements and needs appropriate and tailored solutions. Using our Integrated Pest Management approach, we can help you to comply with all legislative standards and any audit requirements.

Our Service Benefits for Hotels

    • Rapid, discreet response - our commitment means that our BPCA certified technicians will be with you quickly to deal with the pest problem so that it does not come back.
    • Tailored solutions - designed specifically for each area of your hotel to help prevent any pest activity indoors and externally.
    • Dedicated scientific team - providing expert, cutting-edge knowledge of pests and the most effective methods to control them.
    • Integrated Pest Management (IMP) - helping you to comply with all legislative standards and any audit requirements.
    • Innovative treatments - such as our chemical-free heat treatment for bed bugs, Lumnia LED fly control units and PestConnect mouse control.
    • Integrated service plans - based on specific pest threats to your business and your particular needs. Regular visits from your local technician to check and monitor for any pest activity, identifying potential risks and expert advise on steps to reduce the risk of future pest problems.
    • myLearning Pest Awareness training - interactive, online training via our myLearning platform, for house-keeping and other front line staff to help spot early signs of any pest issue. Early identification of a pest problem enables speedier treatment and a quicker resolution of the pest issue before it can spread.
    • Network of premises - we can incorporate many locations within a single service agreement with one point of contact to manager and coordinate service delivery.
    • myRentokil online reporting & analysis tool -  you can access 24/7 from wherever you are via laptop, desktop or smartphone. Providing you with a range of online services designed to reduce the stress in managing your pest control. Our easy to use system increases the quality, visibility and integrity of your pest control protection - whilst saving you time, so you can concentrate on your business.

Pest Control Process

We have been helping UK hotels and hospitality businesses for over 90 years to protect their premises and reputation from pests. The treatments and solutions we offer your business are all carried out by British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified specialists.

1. Contact

Call us and we'll arrange for your local team to contact you

  • Local BPCA certified experts
  • Trustpilot Accredited
  • Swift response

2. Survey

We'll discuss your pest problem, arrange a free business survey of your premise & provide a quote & recommendations

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem & business
  • BPCA certified technicians & surveyors

3. Treatment

Our BPCA certified technicians will provide targeted treatments with regular follow-up visits

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Tailored treatments, effective & innovative solutions
  • Hotel specific, legislation expertise ensures audit compliance

4. Aftercare

We'll make regular follow-up visits to ensure your problem is resolved & offer further support through online reporting & e-leraning.

  • Pest identification & ongoing prevention advice
  • Effective, discreet & targeted solutions
  • Peace of mind you are pest audit compliant
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Hotel Bedrooms

Bed bugs and other biting insects pose the biggest recurring pest threat in hotel accommodation. All hoteliers are at some risk from an infestation, but especially those with a large number of international travellers or guests that move frequently between accommodation. Bed bugs are impossible to prevent as they are brought in by unsuspecting guests in luggage and clothing, as well as via employees, external contractors, laundry services, neighbouring properties, second hand or antique furniture. 

Once in a hotel environment they can also be carried around in bedding and furniture or crawl from room to room through small gaps or crevices in walls, doors or floors - following the route of electrical wiring or pipes. Adjacent rooms on the same floor and those on floors above and below can then quickly become infested, as the bed bugs population spread in search of food.

Early detection using bed bug monitors, eagle-eyed house-keeping staff (trained to spot the first signs of bed bugs) and innovative solutions (such as Rentokil's chemical-free heat treatment for insects) help to ensure that bed bugs are detected and treated swiftly so they do not spread to other bedrooms and areas of your premises.

Hotel Kitchens and Restaurants

Businesses in the hospitality sector are expected to actively control pests under both food safety law and health and safety law. There is a duty of care to provide a safe environment on the premises for employees, customers, contractors and other people (CIEH, 2009). For kitchen and restaurant areas there is specific legislation regarding food safety with broad requirements for preventing contamination by pests under general hygiene and sanitation practices to prevent contamination of food.

Pests such as mice, rats, flies and cockroaches can pose a high risk for hoteliers of spreading disease in the kitchen, restaurant and  dining areas. We are experts in understanding the implications of  food safety legislation, which regulates businesses handling and serving food – as set out by the Food Standards Agency, HACCP regulation and monitoring, as well as EU Regulations 852/2004, 853/2004 and 854/2004.

Proactive pest control is essential in these areas and will be expected by environmental health inspections.

Rentokil offers a wide range of solutions and treatment services to deter and control pests depending on your business’s pest control needs. These include:

Other Areas

  • Internal - other areas like sports facilities or back-of-house areas are at lower risk of pest infestations, but will be included as part of our regular servicing plan and inspections.
  • Externalbird deterrence and proofing against rodents and other wildlife will be included  in our service to treat and prevent pest problems in your grounds and gardens.

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