Rentokil launches innovative e-learning platform

How many droppings can a house mouse produce in a 24 hour period?: 

a) 1-10; b) 10-20; c) up to 80?! 

This is just one of the questions which forms part of Rentokil’s PestAwareness training course, one of the online training modules being offered through the company’s new myLearning platform, which has been developed to help its customers’ employees be more vigilant in the fight against pests.

myLearning is an interactive e-learning portal which helps companies train their employees on the importance of pest control within their business. PestAwareness training is specifically designed to improve employee knowledge of pest compliance issues in key areas, including health and safety and legislation.

Rentokil’s myLearning e-learning system already offers a number of pest related courses including general PestAwareness training, aimed at local business owners as well as Bedbug Awareness, which is targeted at the hotel industry. Additional courses are being added in the near future, some of which will be designed to suit the specific requirements of certain business sectors like food manufacturing. The knowledge gained from these courses will allow businesses to become more pest-aware, reducing the risk of premises becoming infested, by increasing employee knowledge and vigilance surrounding pests.

Each myLearning course is split into easy-to-digest modules, and is interactive, using facts, infographics and videos to educate the user in an engaging way. Mini quizzes are used to validate learning throughout the training process, and on completion of each module a personalised certificate is generated, which can be used to prove due diligence and training.

David Cross, Head of Technical Training Academy, Rentokil Pest Control, comments: “Pest control isn’t something that can simply be managed from the top down. It depends on frontline workers being able to identify the tell-tale signs of pest infestations and raising concerns when they do so. The sooner employees identify a pest problem the better."