Rentokil Pestaurant and Hygiene Angels School Tour 2015

Following the popularity of last years school tour, we are taking our interactive, educational initiatives Pestaurant and Hygiene Angels back into schools across the UK. We shall be roving the British Isles in our branded tour van staging pop-up events in schools and colleges across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales - to raise money for our chosen charity Malaria No More UK.

For every mile we travel on our school tour in 2015, Rentokil will donate £1 to Malaria No More UK* as part of the charity's Miles for Malaria initiative. Last year we managed to clock-up 1,566 miles, visiting schools in Birmingham, Glasgow, Yorkshire, Kent and Belfast. This year we are aiming to beat that record.

Pestaurant & Hygiene Angels

Pestaurant is an award winning pop-up event, which provides children with the opportunity to sample a range of edible insects, including delicacies such as salt & vinegar crickets, Mexican spiced mealworms and chocolate covered bugs. The Pestaurant team will also share some fascinating facts about entomophagy (the official name for insect eating) and discuss with the children why such insects can be a viable and sustainable food source for our planet, as the world's population continues to grow.

Hygiene Angels  Initial Washroom Hygiene understands the importance of good hand washing practices and how high levels of hygiene are essential in keeping us all healthy. Hygiene Angels helps  promote and educate children and teachers, on the importance of 'proper hand washing'. At it's launch in 2014 Hygiene Angels set a new world record for the highest number of hands and personal items (phones, bags, wallets etc...) swabbed during one hour. This workshop highlights to children the importance of hand washing, when to do it, how to do it properly and the length of time needed to make sure it is effective. We also get them involved in some fun swabbing and germ-detecting activities, to show them just how quickly bacteria can spread from hands to surfaces.