Historic Moulton Mill wins woodworm battle

Historic Moulton Windmill is the largest windmill in the UK, standing at 100ft tall and has dominated the Lincolnshire landscape near Spalding since it was built in 1822. A much-loved local landmark, Moulton draws around 20,000 visitors each year, who not only admire stunning views of the Lincolnshire countryside but are enlightened by staff about the history of this historic windmill.

The Mill is run by a private charity which has spent £1.7m on its restoration since 1998. Moulton has been lovingly restored to be a working monument, producing wholemeal flour for local businesses, which underlines its importance within the local community.

As numerous holes began to appear in the structural timbers and beetles began to emerge, the custodians began to realise that Moulton Windmill had a serious woodworm problem. Being conscious that woodworm damaged timbers are a potential Health & Safety risk, a sensitive yet effective solution was required to safely preserve this historic building for future generations.

Woodworm treatment at Moulton Mill

Rentokil's woodworm treatment offered a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive option of replacing all the infested timbers. All the affected wood timbers were treated with a water-based insecticidal fluid, which not only coats the surface of the timber, but penetrates into the infected wood. This woodworm treatment effectively breaks the insects’ lifecycle and greatly reducing the risk of further woodworm damage.  The active ingredients within the insecticidal fluid continue to work for many years; thus reducing the risk of further woodworm infestations from developing.

Rentokil was the only company to offer an extensive 30 year guarantee (which is above the industry standard) providing Moulton Mill with long term protection against any future insect infestation and long-term peace of mind to the custodians of the Mill.

Janet Prescott, Mill Manager commented: “Rentokil's involvement with this project has been great. I've used them in the past so I know they're a reliable company and I trust the brand. We have a 30 year guarantee for the woodworm treatment, giving us complete peace of mind that the mill is protected for the long term."