Rentokil - the pest detectives in print

This year marks the 90th anniversary of the beginnings of Rentokil. It all started with a small but very damaging insect that has been recorded in the UK since the Middle Ages, the Deathwatch Beetle. 

The ancient Westminster Hall (the oldest building on the Parliament estate - dating from the 11th Century) was under threat, as these woodboring beetles (commonly known as woodworm) were consuming the roof timbers of this historic structure. Britain's first Imperial Entomologist - Professor Maxwell-Lefroy, was able to devise a fluid that successfully combated the Deathwatch Beetles. After this achievement, he created Rentokil Ltd, which was founded in 1925 to support the development of this original timber fluid. The rest, as they say is history - especially where pests are concerned!

To commemorate this milestone a new book, The Pest Detectives, is due to publish on 30th October. Written by journalist  Rob Gray and published by Harriman House, the book will be available from all good bookshops and will also be available online from Harriman House and Amazon in both hardback and ebook formats.

For every book sold, Rentokil is donating £1 to Malaria No More UK. The malaria community only has half the resources needed to rid the world of this global killer, transmitted by infected mosquitoes. We are supporting Malaria No More UK in this fight because we know together we can defeat malaria. Money raised will help in their work to protect those who are most vulnerable to this disease – children.

The Pest Detectives - 90 years of Rentokil