RapidPro mouse riddance tackles rodenticide-resistant mice

Rentokil has launched RapidPro Mouse Riddance, a new rodenticide aimed to tackle infestations of rodenticide-resistant mice. The treatment is believed to be one of the most effective on the market to date, combining a newly formulated, faster-acting rodenticide with a fat base that rodents find irresistible. 

Unique to Rentokil, RapidPro Riddance contains Alphachlorolose (known as RapidPro) which puts the property owner back in control. Alphachlorolose is an ‘acute’ rodenticide, which kills mice in a single feed. It is a humane method of pest control, which acts on the central nervous system almost immediately, putting the mouse to sleep with death occurring soon after. This ensures that the mouse can be found near the bait trap shortly after feeding to ensure proper disposal and effective, targeted clean-ups. The product also requires smaller quantities of poison compared to traditional solutions in order to be effective, which greatly lessens the impact on the environment.

RapidPro Riddance helps fight mouse populations that are developing resistance to the traditional rodenticides that many pest controllers use, called anti-vitamin K anticoagulant rodenticides (AVKs). Over time, AVK-resistance can lead to chronic infestations that spread through properties. Left uncontrolled, mice infestations are tough and costly to eradicate and the rodents can also spread disease and damage as they move from one food source to another.

Traditionally infestations have been challenging to control because a mouse can take a bite of food from up to 70 different sources in 24 hours. Rentokil’s new solution is promising to break a mouse’s traditional eating habits and rid premises of infestations more effectively with just one portion. The food most effective in delivering the active ingredient of Alphachlorolose is lard based, which attracts rodents with its smell and high concentration of energy. 

David Cross, head of the technical training academy at Rentokil Pest Control commented: “Effective pest control means that a thorough understanding of the biology and behaviour of the animal is essential. Our scientists have studied the way mice feed, which has been crucial to developing the RapidPro Riddance solution. 

“With reports that mice are becoming resistant to traditional rodenticides, we have ensured that the product can solve longstanding mice infestations so that the premise can be rid of its population quickly. The treatment time has been significantly reduced with the contents of the solution, meaning that any risk to public health is rapidly reduced. As part of the service, we are also able to offer a 24-hour monitoring service for extra peace of mind, properly and safely disposing of any waste.”