The mousetrap gets a tech makeover: Get an alert when a mouse invades

Pest control firm Rentokil has launched an internet-connected mousetrap that can send notifications to homeowners to alert them when mice intrude.

The company has launched a new trap set-up it calls ResiConnect, which works in a similar fashion to a burglar alarm.

It uses an infrared mousetrap that connects to a central panel which, once it detects a mouse, alerts Rentokil, which then dispatches pest control to the house.

The control panel also contains its own sim card so it can operate without connecting to a home wifi network.

"ResiConnect brings mouse control into the 21st century," Rentokil's David Cross said.

"We know that finding mice in the home can be traumatic for many people, and ResiConnect takes all the hassle out of managing pests for the resident.

"Technology has an increasingly important role in the pest control business, as it helps us to spot a pest problem and helps to provide a more effective and humane treatment."

Rather than using bait or poison, Rentokil said traps release carbon dioxide to kill a mouse once it has been caught.

According to Rentokil, this is recognised as the most humane method of pest control.

Traps are trigged when two consecutive infrared beams inside the trap are broken, technology the firm calls Radar (rodent activated detection and riddance).