Penetrating Damp Treatment

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How We Treat Penetrating Damp

For over 60 years, Rentokil Property Care have been treating and restoring homes and businesses across the UK affected by penetrating damp.

Our expert team of locally based surveyors and technicians not only offer immediate treatment solutions to fix your damp problem but put in place effective penetrating damp protection to stop penetrating damp recurring again in the future. If you require expert penetrating damp treatment for your property, give us a call today to speak a member of our inhouse team or click the button below to book a survey today.

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Penetrating Damp Survey

When tackling any form of damp, it is important to always have a damp survey carried out on your property to assess the extent of the problem and the resulting damaged. During our initial penetrating damp survey, our experienced surveyor will conduct a detailed assessment and recommend specific damp proof treatment suited for your property’s needs.

Depending on the extent of the damage, treatment will vary from property to property. With this in mind, our surveyor will create a custom treatment plan.

Treating Penetrating Damp - The next steps

The next step for tackling penetrating damp is to locate and fix the source of the moisture; this can include fixing roof tiles, repairing cracks to the mortar or mending broken pipes which should be carried out by a qualified builder or plumber. If building defects are to blame for penetrating damp, these should be remedied before continuing treatment as penetrating damp will likely recur.

With the risk of penetrating damp, you could have underlying mould or rot issues. Wet Rot and Dry Rot can occur if the moisture level reaches a sufficient enough level for rot to germinate. During our initial survey, our surveyor will check for the signs of decay or other associated problems that can arise from penetrating damp and recommend treatment for any issues.

After Treatment

To protect your property from penetrating damp in the future, our surveyor may recommend using a water repellent treatment designed to prevent penetrating damp on brick, stone and concrete walls.

Once applied to the external wall, our Weather-Protect System protects your home or business from penetrating damp by penetrating in the masonry to form a water repellent barrier.

Contact the Penetrating Damp Experts

If you have concerns your property could be experiencing issues with penetrating damp, contact the team at Rentokil Property Care.

Our team are experienced professionals ready to tackle your penetrating damp issue. With over 60 years of experience and our highly trained team of locally based surveyors and technicians available on your doorstep, you can rest assured your home is in safe hands with us.

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