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PestConnect System - continuous protection against rodents

PestConnect is a connected digital pest management system, providing continuous 24/7 monitoring, rapid response and protection against rodent pests.

This connected solution actively detects, captures and eliminates rodent pests, using innovative and highly effective traps, bait stations and monitors. Using wireless technology, PestConnect works completely independently and discreetly, keeping watch over your premises day and night. If a pest is detected or the trap activated, an immediate message is triggered alerting your local technician to the rodent activity. Our technician will make contact and arrange a convenient time to visit, clear and reset units, identify areas of issue and offer preventative measures.

PestConnect supports CRRU Compliance

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) current guidelines on permanent baiting using rodenticide both internally and externally are in place in the UK to reduce the risks of ‘non target’ species poisoning, such as voles and field mice. This can lead to secondary poisoning of protected birds (barn owls, kestrels etc…) if they consume these mammals.

PestConnect uses digital pest management to continuously monitor and react immediately to any rodent issue, eliminating the problem before the rodent infestation has a chance to develop. This reduces the amount of rodenticide needed to control the infestation, complying with CRRU guidelines and reducing the impact on the environment.

PestConnect has internal connected non-toxic rodent solutions – RatRiddanceConnect rat snap trap and RADARConnect an award winning humane mouse trap that contains as well as eliminates mice reducing contamination risk. These non-toxic solutions have been developed for sensitive areas where the use of rodenticide is not an option, and help reduce the need for rodenticide in rodent control.

How PestConnect works

Rentokil PestConnect system is comprised of connected (Rodent Activated Detection And Riddance) RADAR units and a control unit. The control unit communicates with the Rentokil server. When a RADAR unit is activated by a mouse, a message is transmitted via text to a Rentokil technician alerting them immediately to the issue. The technician then visits your site to deal with the mouse activity, and will also raise any recommendations associated with the intrusion, all of which is recorded on your myRentokil portal.

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Key benefits of PestConnect

Individually tailored to your business needs, our connected solutions for mice detect, capture and alert a rapid response to any rodent pest issues. 

    • Continuous 24/7 & 365 days a year protection & monitoring against pests
    • Effective & immediate treatment to control pests & minimise business impact
    • Fast, effective response from skilled technicians to identify infestation source & recommend any further action
    • Easy-to-access, reporting provides status of incidents online for auditing & analysis
    • PestConnect helps provide additional assurance to third-party auditors of audit compliance

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