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Bristol, Bath & Wiltshire Property Care

About the Branch

In and around Bristol, Bath and across Wiltshire we are a dedicated team of property care specialists. There are very few problems that we haven’t come across and successfully dealt with before, from wood-boring beetles to damp proofing and fungal decay, which can lead to wet or dry rot issues.

Our knowledge and experience is complemented by a range of services, innovative products and the latest technology which means we offer customers solutions to their property problems based on their individual requirements. Our aim is to always deliver the highest quality local property care services with the support and resources of a national company.

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Areas We Cover

The Bristol and Bath branch of Rentokil Property Care covers:
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Swindon
  • Newbury
  • Devizes
  • Chippenham
  • Malmesbury
  • Cheltenham
  • Royal Wootton Bassett
  • Chipping Sodbury
  • Portishead
  • Thornbury
  • Westbury
  • Gloucester
  • Trowbridge
  • Keynsham
  • Kingswood
  • Clevedon

Branch Manager

Belinda Helme - Branch Manager - Rentokil Property Care

Belinda Helme

I have worked for Rentokil Property Care for over 20 years in a variety of roles. With 15 years surveying experience. I am currently managing South West England & South Wales. Working as a team, our focus is to provide a high quality professional service to our customers.

Name: Belinda Helme
Job Title: Branch Manager
Qualifications: CSRT and CSSW

What is Damp Proofing?

Damp proofing is a general term covering several different methods used to keep excess moisture out of a building. Damp proofing treatments help to prevent water being absorbed through walls or floors and entering interior spaces of a property. If damp were to pass through the fabric of walls or floors it could lead to structural damage and timber decay (such as dry or wet rot) within the building. We provide an extensive inspection by a qualified surveyor who will diagnose the extent and type of dampness - providing recommendations on the most effective ways to treat the damp problem affecting a property.

Our Expertise throughout the Bath, Bristol & Wiltshire area

The rivers Avon and Frome cut through the limestone to underlying clays, creating Bristol's characteristic hilly landscape. The Avon also flows from Bath through flood plains and areas which were marshy before the growth of the city. Periodic flooding, which shortened the life of many buildings in the lowest part of central Bath, was normal until the completion of flood control works. There are still areas such as Bathwick, Somerdale near Keynsham, Redcliffe and Hotwells in Bristol that have suffered river flooding in recently years. In February 2015 Portishead, Clevedon and Avonmouth suffered the effects of the highest tides in two decades, with the Severn Bore reaching 20 miles up the estuary.

Several months after flood waters have receded, excess damp may not be visible - yet moisture levels in timbers can still remain high enough for wood decay to occur in timbers. This has the potential to lead to damage to properties from wet or dry rot. This damage is not always immediately obvious, but you can look out for certain signs of wet or dry rot.

The Atlantic strongly influences Bristol and Bath’s weather with most of the rainfall in autumn and winter is due to the prevailing depressions. The area is partially sheltered by the Mendip Hills with a temperate climate which is generally wetter and milder than the rest of the country. The excess moisture provided by the Atlantic depressions can lead to structural damage and timber decay if the damp is absorbed through the floors or walls into the fabric of a property.

Bath became popular as a spa town during the Georgian era, leaving a heritage of Georgian architecture crafted from creamy gold Bath Stone.  Bristol however, has a wider variety of architectural styles, ranging from the medieval to the 21st century. Any property can be exposed to the risks of damage from woodworm rot and damp, whatever its age, size or history. In many cases it can take months or years before an issue is brought to light.

Differences between Dry and Wet Rot

The vital difference between dry rot and wet rot is the amount of moisture needed within the timber to allow growth. The term ‘Dry Rot’ would suggest no moisture, but in fact a minimum moisture content of about 20% is needed for dry rot to flourish. It’s often found in hidden voids such as the underside of wooden floors, beneath stairs & roof trusses – as it likes warm, damp unventilated areas. Wet rot is limited to very damp wood or plaster with a moisture content of at least 50% and will remain confined to that wet area. The high moisture content required for wet rot is often a result of defective plumbing, gutters or downpipes. We offer professional diagnosis of the type of rot affecting a property, and will tailor a solution to protect it from further damage. All our rot treatments carry a 30 year guarantee.

Why Woodworm is a problem

Woodworm is the every-day name for hungry larvae of wood-boring beetles. Adults lay eggs in cracks in wood and the larvae (woodworm) burrow deep into it and feed, making a maze of tunnels over several years. They will happily eat away at wooden floors, furniture and timbers and if left untreated, can seriously weakens wooden beams in a property which can lead to structural failure of the timbers.

Spotting the early signs of woodworm is important; allowing a qualified surveyor to complete a woodworm survey assessing the extent of any problem, the type of woodworm involved and recommending the most effective, targeted treatment to eliminate the pest before it can spread any further through the property.

The Georgian crescents of Bristol’s Clifton triangle and the ‘old city’ area covering St. Nicholas Market and leafy Queens Park can offer potential harbourages to wood-boring beetles. The same can be said of Bath’s parks and gardens, such as Royal Victoria Park, a short walk from Bath city centre or Alexandra Park, on a hill overlooking the city. As can the lofts, garages and garden sheds throughout the Bath, Bristol, Devizes, Swindon and Wiltshire. The larvae (woodworm) of these beetles, if left untreated can cause serious damage to wooden beams, floors and wooden furniture in a property. Our skilled experts know how to accurately identify and effectively treat woodworm problems.

Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment

Our professional team are Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and have the knowledge, expertise and resources to deal with any property care issues. Quality, specialist technicians are on hand from Swindon to Devizes, Trowbridge, Malmesbury and beyond to respond quickly to help keep your property free from woodworm, rot and damp. With over 60 years of experience in treating rising damp, fungal decay and woodworm, all our treatments for these issues carry a 30 year peace of mind guarantee.


Bob Boulton - Damp, Woodworm & Rot Surveyor

Bob Boulton

I have worked for Rentokil for over 25 years. I have 15 years experience with Property Care as a surveyor working in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Bristol Areas.Our focus in Rentokil is to provide a high quality professional service.

Name: Bob Boulton
Job Title: Surveyor
Qualifications: CSRT and CSSW

Woodworm Treatment

"I couldn't find fault with your work or timing and punctuality and getting on with the job"
  Rating 10/10
- Chippenham

Rising Damp Treatment

"The service was very professional from when the surveyor was booked to the work carried out. Inserting the dampproof course was done professionally. Very good job done from start to finish."
  Rating 10/10
- Swindon

Woodworm Treatment

"Everything went fine."
  Rating 10/10
- Swindon

Woodworm Treatment

"Yeah, it was very good."
  Rating 9/10
- Gloucester

Rising Damp Treatment

"Technician was really informative."
  Rating 9/10
- Bristol