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ProFume Fumigation Solution

A specialist fumigation treatment exclusive to Rentokil in the UK, ProFume is a gas treatment with the active ingredient of Sulfuryl Fluoride effective in eliminating all life stages of Stored Product Insects (SPIs) and wood-boring insect infestations.

This gaseous pesticide is ideal against pest insects such as beetles, weevils, mites and moths and other SPIs infesting process machinery. Effective in buildings such as food processing facilities, cereal grain mills, grain stores, food or feed storage warehouses, ProFume works exceptionally well against infestations within the fabric, or structure of buildings.

Benefits of ProFume Fumigation

  • Easily penetrates - hard-to-reach areas inside processing equipment and plant machinery.

  • Powerful fumigant - effectively tackles deep-seated infestations conventional pesticide application techniques cannot treat.

  • No side-effects - of damage or corrosion to machinery and control systems.

ProFume treatment case study video

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Building and Grain Store Treatment

Rentokil’s ProFume gas has proved successful in cereal mills, bakeries, confectionery, animal feed mills, grain and seed storage facilities and some museum artifacts.

The fumigant however, does not have label approval in the UK to fumigate 'commodities'. This means all raw materials and finished goods must be removed from the vicinity before the ‘empty’ structure or process machinery can be treated.

ProFume fumigation treatment only requires a short closure time (compared to other fumigant services) of up to 48 hours to completion, minimizing the impact on businesses.

Applying ProFume gas to a heated building further improves penetrative qualities of the solution, reducing the amount of ProFume required to eliminate pest insects such as the confused flour beetle, grain weevil and mill moths.

For further information on the Rentokil ProFume fumigation service solution, or to schedule for a free business survey, please call us on 0800 917 1989.

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