Textile Pests

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Textile Pest Control & Prevention for Businesses

Regular monitoring and professional solutions can effectively eliminate an infestation from textile pests such as varied carpet beetle, fur beetle or leather beetle - without harming delicate items or valuable artefacts such as in museums or antique dealers. A professional pest service is critical to help identify your invading textile species and offer a tailored solution for successful control.

The term 'textile pest' covers a wide variety of pest species, which will respond better to different methods of control depending on the problem species and the items they are damaging.

Rentokil’s Service for Textile Pests

We offer a specific ‘integrated textile pest monitoring and control package’ tailored to suit your individual business needs.

Our aim is to resolve the infestation safely and effectively with the minimum of fuss and disruption to your business.

Our Service Benefits

  • FREE business site survey - at a convenient time, we will carry out a full, in-depth and free inspection of your business premises to assess the level of infestation.

  • Targeted treatment plan - we will plan an appropriate treatment based on the level of infestation and any proofing requirements. Treatment details and price will be provided to you, and also emailed, for consideration.

  • BPCA certified technicians - we will regularly inspect your premises using a range of textile pest monitors to identify the exact pest species before they cause damage.

  • Regular visits - the number and frequency of visits to your site will depend on the infestation levels and treatment requirements.

  • Targeted pH neutral treatments - our pH neutral insecticide spray treatments quickly reduce textile pests within the infected areas without harming fabrics.

  • Heat Pod treatment - our chemical free Heat Pod treatment will eliminate all life stages of pest insects from egg to larvae, pupa and adult by heating the infected items to a controlled temperature for a set time period.

  • Controlled Atmosphere Technology (C.A.T) - our method uses inert gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide to create an anaerobic atmosphere in which textile pests are eliminated, whilst leaving no harmful residue contamination or degradation of delicate objects treated.

  • Legal compliance - we will tailor treatments to your individual business ensuring compliance to all necessary regulations and legislation.

  • Prevention advice - our surveyor or technician will offer advice on how to prevent textile pest infestations in the future.

Download our integrated Textile Pest Control solutions leaflet for further information.

If you have noticed signs of textile pests around your premises, it is important to arrange treatment to prevent damage.

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