4 Ways to Stop Indoor Moths

Moth season will soon be upon us, as Spring is when clothes moths start to emerge to look for somewhere to mate and lay eggs.  

For some of us moth season could show itself as a misshapen hole in your favourite jumper, or the holes in your socks you could have sworn were not there when you last had them on.  Yes, moths are notorious for destroying clothes, particularly those in long term storage. But, moths can cause havoc with blankets, carpets, curtains and any other fabric they can find which contains wool, fur, down and any other animal-based materials.  The most annoying thing about moths aside from the expensive damage they can cause, is that these insects can be difficult to eliminate.

If you’ve discovered a moth infestation, consider the following pest control advice.

Top Tips to Deter Clothes Moths

  1. Clean it up.  Moths are attracted to dirty fabrics and dust. So one of the easiest pest control solutions to keeping these blighters at bay is to keep a tidy living space and not pack your clothes away unwashed. This includes cleaning drawers, cabinets, cupboards and under your bed. A vacuum cleaner can be a real blessing and remember, they don’t call it spring cleaning for no reason.
  2. Control humidity.  Clothes moths love a humid room – 80 to 90 percent humidity, to be precise. If you do have problems with humidity, a dehumidifier can help.  Try to place these strategically around your home to help keep the humidity down and the moths out.
  3. Try using repellents.  Cucumbers are a natural pest control solution for repelling moths and many other pests. Moths, like ants and other insects, detest the bitter peels of a cucumber. Place the peels in places where clothes moth are likely migrate into your home (potentially from neighboring premises) such as cavities and loft areas, as well as obvious entrances to deter moths from getting into your home. Cedar is also a renowned natural moth repellent, and many cedar products are available to place in your closets and with any other stored clothing.  Rentokil also has a range of DIY Moth killers, from spray to hangers and even traps.
  4. Call a professional.  A moth infestation can be irritating, but it’s actually their larvae that do the damage to fabrics, carpets and furnishings.  Sometimes a DIY solution is not enough for a large infestation, and knowing when to call in a qualified pest control company to help you get rid of moths can save you a lot of upset and worry.


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