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Pest Control Birmingham

About the Branch

Working across Birmingham we are a dedicated team of eighteen local field based colleagues, with over 100 years of experience in dealing with pests in and around Birmingham. There are very few pest problems that as a team we haven’t dealt with before. Our knowledge and experience combined with a range of innovative products, services means we can offer our customers fast and effective solutions to their pest problems based on their individual requirements.

We are proud of the relationships we have built with our clients in the Birmingham and the West Midlands area. These customers are broad ranging, from residential customers, through to national food manufacturing sites, local authorities, restaurants and offices. Our Birmingham surveyors and technicians consistently deliver the highest quality local pest control with the support and resources of a national company.

Areas covered by our Birmingham Pest Control Team

The Birmingham branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers:
  • Birmingham
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • Solihull
  • West Bromwich
  • Oldbury
  • Handsworth
  • Halesowen
  • Walsall
  • Smethwick
  • Tamworth
  • Brierley Hill
  • Wednesbury
  • Great Barr
  • Aldridge
  • Yardley
  • Erdington

Birmingham Pest Control Services

Our expert Birmingham BPCA certified pest control team; know the most effective ways to eliminate pest in your premises. They will deal with any pest infestation quickly, with the utmost professionalism and discretion, offering you advice to help ensure the pest problem does not return.

  • Rats and Mice - rodents scavenge food from anywhere. Our treatments and preventative solutions are designed to effectively tackle these vermin both inside your premises and externally.
    Cockroaches - carry diseases like Salmonella and Gastro-enteritis, so can pose health risks. Using knowledge and experience our team establish the exact species, seek out all potential hiding spots, then use the most appropriate treatments to eliminate the problem safely and effectively.
    Bed Bugs - infestations can spread quickly to adjoining rooms and properties by crawling through wall or floor cavities. Our experts carry out a detailed inspection to confirm its bed bugs and identify the scale of the problem. Treatments are specifically designed to eliminate bed bugs including our innovative, 'chemical-free' heat treatment.
    Flies - pose a health risk, spreading diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. Our effective solutions eliminate flies and we treat any breeding sites, which could lead to re-infestation in the future.
    Nuisance Birds – our avian specialists are experienced in dealing with pest birds. Using discreet, cost-effective deterrents, hawking and bird proofing that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

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Urban rats and mice in West Midlands

Rodents are commensal pests, opportunistic scavengers thriving in our urban landscapes such as Walsall and Tamworth that can offer them abundant food and shelter. Both rats and house mice are omnivorous, consuming anything from contents of compost and rubbish bins and discarded left-overs to fruits and seeds in gardens and parks and even the food in our homes if they get in. The quickest and most effective way to get rid of rats or mice is by professional, targeted treatments.

Local knowledge in Birmingham & the West Midlands

Birmingham enchants millions of visitors each year. Attracted by the historic Victorian and Georgian surroundings of the Jewellery Quarter, the Jacobean splendour of Aston Hall, Birmingham's oldest church - St. Martin in the Bull Ring and an array of cultural, arts and heritage sites. It also boasts over 1,000 shops within a 20 minute walk.

Sustaining visitors and residents alike are a variety of pubs, snack bars, cafes and takeaways. Numerous bars, restaurants and galleries can be found in the elegant St. Paul's Square, whilst Birmingham's famous Balti Triangle is home to around 50 restaurants and takeaways. All these eateries within a densely populated city offer scavenging pests like feral pigeons, cockroaches and rodents - scraps on which they can survive.

The city's green, open spaces such as the Botanic Gardens, Sutton and Eastside City parks can offer potential safe havens for pests, as do the lofts, garages and gardens throughout the Birmingham area. Our skilled local experts understand their habits, harbourages and the best ways to control these pests.

Our professional team (qualified to British Pest Control Association level 2 and above) have the expertise, knowledge and resources to resolve any pest problems swiftly and effectively. From rats and mice in kitchens or lofts to problems with insects (such as cockroaches and bed bugs) and nuisance birds (such as pigeons and seagulls) Rentokil expertise is never far away from you.

Quality, local technicians, field biologists and specialist bird control technicians are on hand in the Birmingham and West Midlands area to respond swiftly to help keep your home or business pest free.

British Pest Control Association Certified

Our professional pest control team are qualified to British Pest Control Association level 2 and above and have the knowledge, expertise and resources to deal with any pest issues. Quality, local technicians, field biologists and specialist bird control technicians are on hand from Sutton Coldfield to Solihull, Castle Bromwich and beyond to respond quickly to help keep your home or business free from pests.

Pest Control Costs

We understand that a pest problem in your property is very distressing and every pest infestation is different. 

To enable us to provide an accurate price, our qualified pest control surveyors will contact you to discuss your pest infestation, and if necessary visit your premises to fully understand the extent of the infestation.

They can then recommend the most appropriate and effective treatment to solve your pest problem. Our professional pest control survey and quote are free of charge.

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