Italy – International bed bug week – day 4

Hi Guys,

Very good day today running a workshop with sales and service in Milan (about 45 people in all). Only difference from yesterday was that we went into a lot more technical detail and Riccardo presented the commercial model and set some clear expectations of what has to be delivered over the next 3 years (i.e. double hotel market share in each year – some nice numbers presented).

Paula from marketing did a great job in providing simultaneous translation for colleagues and we had a very lively Q&A session with some excellent questions.

39_netherlands_image_hotel_dining_roomThe contact framework designed by Randolph, Phill and the team stood its first test. The only refinement which could help us was a suggestion to build in a second dimension to the incremental pricing model that took account of room complexity (clutter, furnishings, bed complex, carpets).

All in all another good day. Next week we have Ireland and Spain – the PR machine in Ireland is working well and Colm Moore is due on national TV this afternoon.

Have a good weekend all. More reports soon.



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