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Rentokil Property Care Survey Report

Whether you have requested a damp, woodworm or wood rot survey, all of our property care survey reports are sub-divided into convenient sections so that you may easily find details of the survey, the recommendations for treatment, the quotation and other useful information.

What does a Rentokil Property Care report cover?

Rentokil Property Care reports begin with a brief introduction detailing the following General information:

    • Customer reference no
    • Customer name
    • Property address
    • Invoice address
    • Surveyor contact details
    • Local Rentokil Property Care branch address

Survey Details

Further information is then provided around your specific survey including:

    • Survey date – The date our Rentokil surveyor conducted your survey
    • Property address – The address of the property that your report is based on
    • Survey type – The type of survey that was conducted; be it wood-boring insects, damp or fungal decay

External Survey

Our property care surveyor will highlight external features of your property that have issues, recommendations will then be outlined for each issue raised. A few areas our surveyors may mention are:

    • Damp proof course – Evidence of a Damp proof course within the walls of the property
    • Ventilation – Sufficient number of air vents for your size of property
    • Roof condition – Damage of roof coverings
    • Timbers – Joinery timbers requiring overhaul

Internal Survey

The internal section of our survey report is split by floor and room in order to make it as simple as possible for our customers to follow. Each room specified in the report will have the following where applicable:

    • Areas inspected – Specific areas of the room that have been inspected and problems identified
    • Pictures – Our surveyor may incorporate pictures taken during the survey to give evidence of issues discovered within the property
    • Area limitations – Limitations of the inspection, such as access to walls, are outlined
    • Recommendations – Treatment recommendations are outlined based on the problems identified

Customer Instructions

Based on both internal and external recommendations, special instructions will be outlined for our customers. These instructions allow our technicians to complete their job to the highest of standards.


In order to provide you with as detailed a report as possible our surveyor may incorporate a floor plan within the appendix for further reference. The Floor plan will highlight any problems found during the course of your woodworm, damp or wood rot survey.

Report Based Quotation

Based on the recommendations provided throughout the report, we will provide you with a quotation of the work required. Your quotation will be broken down to give you an understanding of each treatment cost; this will include the total amount payable, including and excluding VAT.

Also included within your quote is:

    • Property address
    • Invoice address
    • Local Rentokil Property Care branch address
    • Desired method of payment

Optional Insurance

For the areas of the property where there are no issues reported, we may be able to offer the opportunity to purchase optional insurance. This is not a requirement of accepting the work we recommend within our report.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of your woodworm, damp or wood rot treatment including any changes to the works, cancellation rights and other important terms.

General Notes for Customers

Important information regarding all Rentokil Property Care’s treatments including: relaying carpets, roof insulation and third party liability.

Long Term Guarantees

Guarantees include the length of protection for all Rentokil Property Care treatments including:

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