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DIY Pest Control Products

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DIY Pest Control Products

We provide effective DIY products to enable you to eliminate small pest problems within your home. Our do it yourself pest control products cover many common pests such as - Mice, Rats, Wasps, Ants, Moths, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes, Spiders, Flies and Fleas that can cause annoyance and irritation in small numbers.

For more serious, complex and larger pest infestations, we would always recommend you seek professional pest control services to treat rodent and insect problems.

Unsure about DIY Pest Control in your home?

Doing your own pest control for a small infestation can work successfully if you learn about the pest that is causing your problems and understand the DIY options available to control that specific pest.

Here are the most common pests you might discover infesting your property and links to our Rentokil DIY products to treat them.