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Damp is caused by the build-up of excess moisture within a building, from either internal condensation or intrusion from outside. The longer dampness is left untreated, the greater the chance of other problems, such as wet or dry rot, developing.

Causes of Damp Problems

Problems with damp in a building may be related to a variety of reasons. This may be due to poor build quality, lack of building maintenance or the deterioration of building fabric, with dampness often relating to one of three main issues.

There are sometimes other causes of dampness in properties, such as leaking pipes or damaged drainage - these should not be over looked.

Book a Property Survey

We provide an extensive inspection by a qualified surveyor who will assess and correctly diagnose the extent and type of dampness affecting your property. From this, we provide recommendations on specific treatment for the most effective ways to treat the damp problem in your property.

The Property Care Association (PCA) is an industry body that governs the quality of member companies to ensure high standards are maintained. Rentokil Property Care is a member of the PCA.

Surveyors should be qualified to CSRT standard for dampness timber surveys and to CSSW standard for structural waterproofing.

We offer a professional survey and provide effective treatment for damage caused by damp. A detailed assessment of the extent of any damage is carried out and any recommendation for specific treatment is documented.  

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