The Truth About Spiders In Your Bath

Spider in the bathEver found a spider in your bath and wondered how it got there? Ever heard the rumour they crawl up into the bath through the plug hole whilst you’re sleeping?

You’re not alone. We’ve had countless people ask us the same question and tell us they leave the plug in even when the bath isn’t in use (just in case).

The truth – which you’ll probably be relieved to hear – is that spiders don’t come up the plughole of your bath.

There is almost always a U-bend in the plumbing just below your plug holes. The reason for this isn’t to keep spiders coming up them, but to stop items falling down and clogging the drain.

However, they do also serve as a trap to counter spiders from making their way up your drain, so if you find one in your bath, it will have fallen in.

On a more serious note, what should you do if you do find a spider bath?

There is no need a kill it, just because you find it in your bath; the spiders don’t want to be there any more than you want it there.

You’ve a couple of options: you can simply trap and release it, or, if you want to stay well away, leave a towel hanging into the bath and a window open. The towel gives the spider something to hang onto and make their escape.

If you do want to keep spiders out of the house altogether, here are a few things you can do:

  • Close all the windows at night
  • Remove food waste from your home
  • Keep your house generally clean and free of spider webs

Spiders are important predators; they feed on pests such as flies, moths and insects.

So next time you find a spider in your bath, sink or toilet, chances are it’s fallen in and it’s trapped – there’s no need to worry about covering up your home’s plug holes!

A guest post by Michael Smith from bathrooms4all.

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