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Damp Proofing

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Damp Proofing

A large number of property owners across the UK deal with damp problems every year, but not to worry we are here to help.

Damp is caused by the build-up of excess moisture within a building, from either internal condensation or intrusion from the exterior of the property. Damp problems can also appear rapidly following a heavy downpour or it can slowly due to leaky guttering, damaged roof tiles or lead flashing. The only time you may become aware of a damp problem is when you find a damp patch on your wall – often in the plaster.

Our damp proofing specialists will assess and correctly diagnose the extent and type of dampness then provide recommendations on specific damp proof treatments for the most effective ways to treat your specific damp problem.

Understanding Damp Problems

Problems with damp in a building may be related to a variety of reasons. This may be due to poor build quality, lack of building maintenance or the deterioration of building fabric, with dampness often relating to one of three main issues.

Damp Proofing Specialists

We take pride in everything we do here at Rentokil - especially providing every customer with high quality, reliable solutions to their queries. Our damp proofing specialists are known to provide an outstanding service, guaranteed to protect your home for many years to come. Our surveryors specialise in the analysis, eradication and prevention of all types of damp problems in all types of UK households.

Our Surveyors

Rentokil have been treating damp problems across the UK for over 60 years – gaining essential knowledge and understanding of different household types along the way. We have also received many accreditations during our years of service, certifying us as one of the most reliable an effective property care experts in the UK.

All of our surveyors are highly trained professionals when it comes to remedial damp services within residential and commercial buildings. Our damp proofing specialists are not only able to provide an expert service; they also keep you in the loop throughout the whole restorative process – explaining the procedures of how to get rid of damp to make sure you’re both completely on the same page. 

Damp Treatment

Our Rentokil Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment and PCA accredited technicians know how to effectively treat damp problems in your property using innovative damp treatment methods. we offer the following solutions to your damp problems:

Damp Problems in the Home

There is risk of damage caused by damp throughout an entire household. This is mainly due to a lack of preventative measures taken when the building was first built. Moisture is the primary reason that any damp problems in houses may occur, meaning that there are protective services, procedures and processes needed to prevent any sort of moisture passing through the walls, ceilings or floors of your property.

These are not the only areas prone to damp in your home, chimney damp problems and basement damp problems are both serious issues which can in fact affect the structure of a building. 

Unused and neglected basements often have damp problems caused by either penetrating damp or rising damp. Our property care experts are at your disposal when it comes to treating damp walls and floors in your basement. All of our technicians are PCA accredited giving them the skills to create livable spaces underneath your home; fully prepared for modern living. 

Your Local Damp Proofing Company

Over the years, we have helped thousands of homeowners and businesses across the UK overcome damp in their properties. As your local damp proofing company, we combine expert local knowledge with the highest quality of training to provide our customers with treatments that protect their property for years to come.

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Our surveyors will discuss your damp problem with you & provide you with a quote and recommendations. 

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3. Treatment

Our PCA certified technicians will provide your damp proofing treatment. 

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4. Aftercare

Following any guarantee treatment, you can be reassured of our long-term care

  • Guaranteed solutions for up to 30 years 
  • Prevention advice
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