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Birds in the wrong location, in particular pigeons and seagulls can become a real nuisance for your business. It’s not just the mess they make; they can also damage your premises by dislodging roof tiles, blocking guttering and drive away your customers affecting your reputation. There are other problems that mean you should adopt bird control measures sooner rather than later. Pigeons and seagulls on your premises can:

  • Deface buildings & vehicles with their droppings. They frequently foul entrances and pavements, which can become dangerously slippery.
  • Encourage insect infestations such as bird mites, textile beetles and fleas – these are attracted to their nests and roosting sites.
  • Attack customers and staff, especially during the breeding season when they are defending their young.
  • Be a health hazard, by spreading diseases such as Ornithosis, E.Coli and Salmonella.

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Our qualified Avian specialists provide fast, effective, humane, discreet and targeted bird control solutions to protect your business and reputation.

Bird Species & Guides

Some UK bird species can become a serious nuisance in the wrong locations - ask anyone who has had pigeons roosting or gulls nesting on their business premises. Not only can they cause damage to property, but their detritus can also potentially spread diseases. Here are some of the UK bird species that can cause issues in the wrong location.

Diseases of Birds

Birds are known to carry a range of diseases, also hosts to other insect pests. Pigeons are host to ticks, fleas and birds mites. Infections can be spread to humans from their bird droppings and nests. 

Disease carried by pigeons and seagulls can make humans seriously ill. Avoiding a bird infestation is the first  step in prevention of the infestation. It is important to act fast to reduce health hazards. 

Some disease that birds carry:

  • Salmonella - bacteria disposed by gulls and pigeons, can lead to Salmonellosis and Paratyphoid fever
  • Psittacosis -Ornithologist or also known as pigeon Fancier's lung is an transmitted by inhaling bacteria from dried dropping or handling feathers.
  • Fowl - transmitted to people exposed to the faeces or other excretions from an infected pigeon.
  • Escherichia coli (E.Coli) - virus is mostly spread by seagulls, can lead to gastroenteritis and septicaemia.
  • Fungal infection - Carried by bird droppings leads to histoplasmosis and cryptococcosis carried in bird droppings
  • Bird mites - Feed on bird blood but will bite humans. these are found withing roosting and nesting places. 

Expert Seagull and Pigeon Control

Our avian specialists are experienced in dealing with pest birds on your premises. We use discreet, cost-effective methods of pigeon or gull control that won’t harm the birds or disrupt your business.

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