large flock of Kittiwake gulls nesting on narrow ledges of an urban bridge causing mess and damage with bird droppings (guano) and detritus

Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

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Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

Birds, such as gulls, geese and starlings, can spread disease with their droppings, damage buildings and equipment, create health & safety risks and give customers, staff and the general public a bad impression of your business. Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring is an effective and sustainable device that’s been designed to deter birds without harm. It can guard your premises 24/7, minimise the risk of habituation and can be controlled and monitored remotely via a tablet or smartphone app.

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Nuisance birds

Nuisance birds can be effectively discouraged by using deterrents such as bird spikes, netting and bioacoustics, but many bird species exhibit a wide range of smart behaviours and can adapt to new environments and conditions quickly. When a flock of birds realise that a particular sound poses no real threat, they can rapidly become accustom to it, and return to roost or nest in that location.

The solution? An intelligent and adaptive scare device that effectively deters birds without harming them and helps prevent the risk of habituation.

This intelligent bird scaring system is often used as part of an overall IPM (Integrated Pest Management) solution which may include Hawking (Birds of Prey) deterrent and bird proofing options such as bird netting and bird point system.

Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring Solution

The device has an intelligent built-in listening system that recognises different bird species (the system recognises rooks, gulls, geese and starlings by their unique sounds) and identifies the best scare tool from a broad range to deter each of them. It can detect birds inside a radius of 250 metres and can alternate the order and intensity of the scare tools to prevent the flock becoming accustomed to the sounds, and no longer being deterred.

The system can be activated in a variegated pattern, allowing volume, pre-programmed times of activation and unique bird calls to be targeted, adapted and monitored 24/7 via a mobile app. This offers complete flexibility for fine tuning the bird scaring system to optimise its efficiency and meet your specific circumstances and needs to effectively protect your business premise.

The Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring solution can be made even more sustainable with the addition of a solar charging panel. This allows the system to work completely independently allowing it to be placed in the most suitable and effective location to deter nuisance birds, without power supply limitations.

Benefits of Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

There are a wide variety of benefits to using the Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring system:

  • Humane solution - Innovative and effective audio technology means you can prevent nuisance birds without harming them.
  • Prevents habituation - Uses an extensive built-in library of species-specific calls, with the option of additional scare tools, to target and deter birds.
  • Environmentally friendly - The built-in battery can be recharged using an optional solar panel for greater sustainability.
  • Monitoring remotely - Digital connection via a tablet or smartphone app ensures you can control and monitor the system with maximum efficiency, 24/7
  • Tailored to your needs - A variety of bird species can be individually recognised and targeted with specific programmes to ensure your business is continuously protected.
  • Legislation - The system is approved and safe to use as an effective bird deterrent, demonstrating “all reasonable endeavour” is being used to deter nuisance birds.
  • Safety and peace of mind - Remote monitoring means you can reduce the need for working at height to manage nuisance birds.

An additional option available via myRentokil will provide a visual representation of the working unit, with trend analysis across single site or multisite locations and comparative analysis over varying time periods. This will help support auditing requirements.

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FAQs Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scaring

  • When is the best time to install the bird scarer system?

    Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scarer solution can potentially be installed on your premise at anytime. However the unit will be most effective if in place before the birds breeding season in Spring (this is particuarly important for gulls). 

  • Can the scarer target different species at diffent times?

    The intelligent built-in system recognises different bird species and identifies the best scare tool from a broad range to deter each of them. It can easily alternate the order and intensity of the scare tools to prevent habituation.

  • Which premises are suitable to be protected by the bird scarer?

    The Rentokil Intelligent Bird Scarer is suitable to a wide variety of businesses and locations. The system is of particular benefit to businesses that have large open roof spaces, where gulls can readily nest. For example warehouse roofing, large industrial buildings, hospitals and school buildings. The system is versatile and is effective for refuse or landfill sites, airports and ports.