Hospitality - Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

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Hospitality - Pubs, Bars, Restaurants and Cafes

Any evidence of pest activity on your premises be it a pub, bar, cafe, restaurant, takeaway or any other type of hospitality could seriously jeopardise your business reputation, as hospitality businesses need to provide a safe environment for customer, staff and any other visitors. Pests such as mice, rats, flies, cockroaches and nuisance birds pose a particular threat to hygiene standards in food preparation and storage areas because of their disease risk. A professional pest control service can help protect your premises and supplies ensuring you continue to deliver high quality food and hospitality to your customers. It will also enable you to maintain the highest level of pest hygiene throughout your business to remain audit compliant, helping to protect your business, brand and reputation.

Internal pest risks to hospitality businesses

Many pests can cause internal issues in food preparation and commercial kitchen areas. Hospitality businesses must prove when audited they have adequate pest control to prevent rats, mice, cockroaches, flies from contaminating food in storage and preparation areas as well as front of house.

  • Cockroaches in kitchen areas can spread pathogens including E.coli and Salmonella.
  • Flying Insects can access kitchen areas via open windows are doors. Food preparation areas are required to have adequate fly control as a defence against flies and associated contamination risks.
  • Garden ants accessing food preparation areas can result in food and drink contamination.
  • Mice activity in kitchen areas can spread disease and contaminate foods.

External pest risks to hospitality businesses

Rodents in garden dining areas and patios are not the only pests that can cause issue in external spaces, resulting in customer fear, driving away business and damaging your reputation.

  • Rats in beer gardens and car parks can drive away business and damaging your reputation.
  • Garden ants can be a real nuisance for patrons trying to enjoy alfresco food or drink.
  • Birds nesting or roosting in and around buildings can result in large amounts of droppings and detritus, which is a health risk. Urban pigeons and gulls will help themselves to food scraps from outside dining tables.
  • Wasps and public health flies can result in food contamination and be a real nuisance for customers.
  • Biting flies, including mosquitoes and horseflies can cause great irritation driving away custom.

Unique and sustainable pest control solutions for hospitality

We can help you control pest risks, in compliance with food standards and UK food safety legislation. Our nationwide team of commercial pest control technicians are experienced in understanding the needs of hospitality businesses and our world class innovative and sustainable pest solutions will help protect your business.

Mouse RADAR Riddance - allows for a rapid, effective and immediate treatment. A bait free, humane mouse trap that discreetly captures eliminates and hygienically contains mice, reducing risks of contamination.

AutoGate External Rat Control - provides a rapid, effective and targeted control of pest rats. This unique and innovative solution allows strategic external rat baiting that ensures legal compliance (under the Biocidal Products Regulation) whilst delivering immediate, targeted protection against external rat infestations.

Sustainable and Humane Bird Control – our local and experienced bird specialists offer discreet, effective treatments that provide comprehensive bird deterrents and cost-effective, legislatively compliant methods of bird proofing without harming the birds.

Lumnia LED Fly Control - range catches flies faster than other comparable LED ILTs (insect light traps), has 80% greater reach than traditional fly traps, and can offer up to 70% savings on energy and 62% on Carbon emissions.

External Flying Insect Control – we provide a range of services to control flying insects in and around external areas of your business, including beer gardens, patios and waste areas; Rentokil Fly Box, Fly Screens, Fruit Fly Control, Wasp Control.

Crawling Insects - from cockroaches in commercial kitchens to beer gardens and patios over run with ants, we can offer a range of discreet crawling insect monitoring and control solutions to reduce the risk of food and drink contamination within hospitality venues.

Pest based Risk Assessment

Any pest activity in hospitality venues can damage your reputation, deter customers and affect your hygiene rating and audit compliance. Rentokil can provide a professional Pest Based Risk Assessment to review your current site conditions and then offer you a bespoke pest control solution, allowing you to focus on re-opening your business safely - helping to protect your business, brand and reputation.

Professional Solutions to Protect your Business from Pests

Our BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified surveyors and technicians are experienced in food hygiene and safety legislation relevant to hospitality businesses (HACCP,FSA and EU legislation) helping to support you in fulfilling regulatory requirements for your business. Our innovative solutions and specialist expertise will help you comply with the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (previously Scores on the Doors) launched by the Food Standards Agency. This national scheme is designed to measure and promote excellent food hygiene levels and is based on EHO (Environmental Health Officers) audits. Our tailored SME Pest Control Contracts offer flexibility for smaller businesses and start-ups in the hospitality industry.

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4. Aftercare

We'll continue to monitor for pests to ensure any new activity is resolved & offer further support & advice through online reporting & e-learning.

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  • Peace of mind your business remains pest audit compliant

Hospitality Pest Control FAQ's

  • I don't have any pests why do I need a contract?

    As part of a pest control contract with you, we complete actionable recommendations to mitigate against pest activity, helping to reduce the risk of pest infestations before they occur. A contract will also provide you with our vigilance, giving you an earlier warning of potential pest issues, so a small problem can be quickly controlled, before it has a chance to esculate, saving you time and money. There are also legal requirements that hospitality businesses must adhere to such as the Food Safety Act 1990 (which makes provision for the supply of food fit for consumption) & the Food Hygeine (England/Scotlsnd/Wales/Ireland) Regulations 2006 (that states any risk of infestation by rodents and insects must be prevented) both require proof of due diligence from businesses.

  • How do you decide what treatment is best for my business?

    We offer free business premise surveys by BPCA certified surveyors, who are experienced in food hygiene and safety legislation. They will assess the extent of the pest activity and discuss with you the most effective tailored treatments or solutions for control, that is appropriate for your business, staff and customers.

  • Will you get rid of my pest control issue for good?

    No pest control company can guarante the complete and utter eradication of pests, especially as there is always a risk of re-infestation. However, we offer a wide range of innvative techniques to swiftly and effectively control pests issues if they do arise. In addition, as part of our technicians regular pest control visits to your premise they will raise actionable recommendations to help you minimise the risks of re-infestation.

  • Can you be discreet with your services?

    We will always endeavour to tailor our visits to your premises to suit your business needs, scheduling treatments and follow-up visits to fit around your customers, staff and clients. Our surveyors and technicians are uniformed and our vans liveried to avoid any ambiguity about our reasons for being at a location. We can attempt to park our vehicles discreetly upon request, but we are not able to guarntee this at all times.

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Integrated Pest Management for Hospitality

Rentokil knowledge and experience can offer:

  • Expertise in food safety: we have worked with thousands of businesses in the hospitality sector over many decades. As industry experts, we have the services and solutions to protect your business against a wide variety of pests and comply with food safety requirements.
  • State-of-the-art pest management: we combine pest control solutions based on the latest research with advanced technologies. Our solutions are developed in our world-leading research laboratory to ensure you always remain one step ahead of pest threats.
  • Rentokil IPM: Rentokil offers a unique Integrated Pest Management service to provide a tailored solution for each customer’s needs, based around our ERDM pest management strategy:

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is based on four principles that together we call ERDM (Exclusion, Restriction, Destruction, Monitoring). This ERDM approach ensures long-term protection for your business through a systematic approach to pest management.

  • Exclusion: physical exclusion and pest-proofing of premises;
  • Restriction: removal of elements encouraging the presence of pests;
  • Destruction: quick effective pest control to eliminate an infestation;
  • Monitor: a range of pest monitoring tools give early warning of an infestation for efficient control.

Rentokil offers a wide range of innovative solutions and treatment services to deter and control pests that can affect hospitality businesses, which are tailored to the specific needs of your business. These include:

  • Rodents: the PestConnect system of intelligent connected pest control and 24/7 monitoring devices;
  • Cockroaches: spraying, gelling, controlled atmosphere treatment (CAT);
  • Flies: Lumnia LED fly control units, Rentokil Fly Box, insecticide spray and fly screens;
  • Stored Product Insects: Entotherm heat treatment, fumigation, controlled atmosphere treatment (CAT), insecticide spray;
  • Bed bugs: Entotherm heat treatment, insecticide sprays, and pheromone traps.

Pest Control Service Benefits

Our scientific team develop leading-edge technologies to offer you the most efficient pest control solutions. These include innovative, humane and highly effective electronic pest monitors and traps - such as PestConnect that can sense pest activity, sending alerts to our BPCA certfied technicians, providing 24/7 protection and monitoring as well as industry leading precise, targeted treatments to resolve pest issues swiftly. Online reporting and analysis system - myRentokil provides you with updates, records of pest activity and technician recommendations for easy management and visible audit compliance. Other benfits include:

  • Regular pest control visits - your local technician will arrange with you regular visits to your premises to check for signs of any pest activity, identifying potential areas of issue or ingress and offer advice and recommendations on steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of future pest problems.
  • Tailored solutions - we customise our professional service to control common pests affecting hospitality businesses such as rats, mice, flies and cockroaches, so the treatments and solutions provided are the most effective and appropriate for your business premise, staff and customers.
  • Rapid response - if there is a problem, our rapid response commitment means your technician will be with you quickly and will deal with any pest infestation using the most effective treatment or solution (such as our innovative Entotherm insect heat treatment) whilst ensuring discretion when treating your premises.
  • Online reporting auditing support - information from all of your service visits are available on myRentokil your online reporting and analysis system, recording details of pest activity, together with actions taken and recommendations to help reduce potential pest risks. The consolidated reporting and risk profiling helps you to achieve compliance with food safety standards and legislation.This can be accessed 24/7 via desktop, laptop and smartphone, giving you increased ease of visibility and control of your pest protection.
  • Food hygiene rating - our treatments and solutions aim to fulfil all obligations as required by the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, helping to ensure your business, staff and customers are protected from potential pest risks. The scheme is a requirement for all food based businesses.
  • Multi-site support - if your business covers more than one location, these can all be incorporated into a single service agreement, giving you peace of mind that you have consistent, co-ordinated pest control throughout your business locations.
  • Pest disinfection service - using a unique biocidal product to reduce disease-causing organisms left by pest activity, which in turn reduces the risks of illnesses associated with pest infestations our pest disinfection service offers peace of mind.

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