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PestConnect is an innovative digital pest management system, providing 24/7 monitoring, rapid response and effective elimination of rodent pests - using non-toxic and highly targeted treatments that reduce the rodenticide impact on UK wildlife.

The Campaign for Responsible Rodenticide Use (CRRU) has collated evidence* that a proportion of professional rodenticide used externally to control rat pests is eaten by non-target species. This can lead to secondary and tertiary poisoning of other non-target species in the UK, such as predatory birds like Buzzards and Kestrals. Also slugs and snails can eat this poison, and they in turn are consumed by song birds like Thrushes and Blackbirds. Rentokil can reduce the use of rodenticide using innovative PestConnect technologies, allowing us to comply fully with more stringent regulations, whilst maintaining a highly effective pest control programme that has a greatly diminished environmental impact.

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Our connected and fully integrated digital solution uses advanced non-toxic traps, intelligent bait stations and monitors to independently and discreetly keep watch over your premises - inside and out, day and night. If mice or rat activity is detected or a trap activated a message is immediately triggered - alerting your local pest control technician, who will contact you, arrange a convenient time to visit, clear and reset units, investigate, identify areas of issue and offer preventative measures.


Continued Protection with PestConnect

Rats and mice can reproduce swiftly if they have access to adequate food and shelter. Rodents remain a potential health risk, even if premises are temporarily uninhabited or have minimal staffing. Rodents can cause damage to critical systems, such as cabling and equipment particuarly in server rooms. Food businesses may also be at risk from damage and contamination within kitchens, food storage and preparation areas.

Our digital PestConnect system offers continued protection of critical business infrastructure or food preparation areas to help minimise rodent damage. PestConnect RADAR units can be installed throughout your core business areas (for a minimum of three months) providing 24/7 pest monitoring and rodent control of your critical business infrastructure.


Non-toxic digital pest control

At Rentokil we have taken the ‘age old’ pest problems faced by our customers from beverage and food processing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare to hospitality, retail and office environments and utilised technology to pioneer digital pest control solutions that benefit our commercial business customers in today's modern environment, maintaining effective rodent control whilst reducing the impact of rodenticide on wildlife in the UK.

More stringent legislation and regulations around food safety, health & safety, and increasing awareness of the potential environmental impact of overuse of pesticides is driving our innovation in effective non-tox alternatives for pest control.

PestConnect offers internal and external non-toxic digital pest control solutions. Rat Riddance Connect is a highly effective rat snap trap that meets regulatory compliance for non-toxic rat control in sensitive areas. Whilst RADAR Connect is an award winning, non-toxic, bait free, humane mouse trap that eliminates and hygienically contains mice, reducing the risks of contamination. Both of these effective non-toxic solutions have been developed for sensitive locations where the use of rodenticide is not an option for our customers.

Key benefits of PestConnect

Individually tailored to your business needs, our fully integrated digital pest control management solution not only gives you constant protection and proactive monitoring, but also offers access to unrivaled pest data insights and online reporting - allowing you to proactively prevent, monitor and manage rodents with unprecedented levels of efficiency and control. Our range of intelligent, digitally enabled bait stations, non-tox traps and monitors work seamlessly together providing our customers a variety of benefits:

  • Continuous 24/7 protection and proactive monitoring against rat and mouse infestations.
  • Highly effective and immediate treatment of rodents, minimising the impact on your business with reduced environmental impact.
  • Fast, efficient response from highly skilled technicians to identify sources of infestation and recommend preventative measures.
  • Easy-to-access, online reporting via our customer portal myRentokil - giving you insights at your fingertips for analysis and auditing.
  • PestConnect data helps provide additional assurances to third-party auditors of your audit compliance.
  • Ease of automated reporting in compliance with ever-evolving and more stringent pest management regulations.

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Reducing the enviromental impact of rodenticide

This is something we take very seriously as a pest control industry leading business, and are continually developing and improving our professional solutions to control rats and mice, whilst diminishing our impact on the environment to help reduce the effects of rodenticide on UK wildlife. An example of this is our Dual AutoGate Connect, which places a protective barrier between the bait and the external environment; this 'smart' gate will only open during an active infestation and can only be triggered by specific rodents, which means we can control mice and rats immediately, whilst minimising risks of exposure to other wildlife and non-target species.

Recent changes to the CRRU code of best practise states that permanent baiting internally can only be carried out if there are 'frequent' follow up checks to the premises. However, frequent visits are not always appropriate for some of our customers, who wish to avoid disruption to their premises; we therefore have developed appropriate non-toxic solutions such as RADAR Connect and Rat Riddance Connect to protect them against potential internal infestations. These PestConnect non-tox solutions can help give our customers peace of mind, with 24/7 monitoring with immediate non-toxic and highly targeted treatment, without the disruption.

*CRRU UK copyright 'Exposure of Wildlife to Rodenticide July 2018'

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