pest control for food industry

Pest Control for the Food Industry

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Pest Control for the Food Industry

Rentokil works proactively with customers in the food processing industry to help prevent pest infestations, deal with outbreaks, stop further contamination and mitigate the risk of future pest problems. We help you to control risks from pests, in compliance with industry best practice, food standards and UK food safety legislation.

Pest Servicing for the Food Industry

At Rentokil we pride ourselves on providing world class innovative solutions for pest control to ensure your business keeps running 24/7 whilst maintaining strict pest control management.

Our nationwide team of commercial pest control technicians are experienced in understanding your business needs, particularly for high-risk businesses. Our comprehensive approach helps you to meet the need for greater transparency and documentation in response to the increasing food safety risks and legislation.

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Zero-tolerance pest control for the food industry

We work proactively with customers in the food industry to meet the requirements of third-party audits and provide pest control systems to improve operations across your business.At Rentokil we pioneer new technologies and deliver innovative solutions to offer you the next-generation of pest control to help you increase transparency, proactively manage risk and ensure food safety.

Integrated pest management

We offer a comprehensive pest management programme, tailored specifically for your food business, ensuring the highest levels of food safety across your entire site, that fully supports regulatory compliance and extrnal audits.

Managing risks 24-7

Particularly in high-risk food areas, businesses are required to take a zero-tolerance approach to pest infestations. Rentokil's advanced connected solutions enable continuous 24/7 remote monitoring, proactive prevention, real-time targeted response and control to support your statutory obligations.

Auditing and compliance

We understand your business needs to meet robust requirements against a backdrop of increasingly complex supply chains and more stringent legislation. Our myRentokil online pest management system, provides traceability, transparency and analytic tools to support audit and compliance.

Keep control of costs

Our flexible packages of pest control solutions are designed to protect your business effectively while delivering cost efficiency. Developed to support ongoing operational cost savings and mitigate risk to avoid pest issues which impact your business.

Global pest control reassurance

We ensures high quality, consistent solutions across all our customer sites throughout the UK. Also as part of the Rentokil Initial family in 75 countries with 12,500 certified pest control technicians, we work to rigorous Standard Operating Practices and service solutions which support local laws and regulations.

Pioneering solutions

We adapt quickly to changes (pest types, legislative demand, environmental sustainability) and make use of the latest technology and innovations to ensure our customers retain the highest levels of pest control. We protect against future pest control challenges with the latest, pioneering and industry-leading solutions.

Pest control

At Rentokil we try to keep one step ahead of the pests, with innovative and effective solutions. Our unique Lumnia fly control units use high attraction LED strips, which effectively and hygienically eliminate and encapsulate flies, reducing the risks of contamination whilst providing an average of 61% energy savings.* Our fumigation and chemical-free heat treatment services can be applied to almost any size of object from grain silos and ship holds down to small items of equipment.

1. Contact

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2. Survey

We'll discuss your pest problem, arrange a free business site survey & provide a quote & recommendations

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  • Solutions tailored to your pest problem & business
  • BPCA certified technicians & surveyors

3. Treatment

Our BPCA certified technicians will provide targeted treatments with regular follow-up visits

  • Appointment at a time convenient to you
  • Tailored treatments, effective & innovative solutions
  • Business specific, legislation expertise ensures audit compliance

4. Aftercare

We'll continue to monitor for pests to ensure any new activity is resolved & offer further support through online reporting & e-learning.

  • Pest identification & ongoing prevention advice
  • Effective, discreet & targeted solutions
  • Peace of mind you are pest audit compliant
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Disinfection solutions for the Food Industry

In addition to supporting the food industry in mitigating potential risks to food safety through innovative pest management, Rentokil also provides an all purpose specialist disinfection service to help food processing facilities deal with the effects of the coronavirus.