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Pest Control in Manchester

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Pest Control in Manchester

Our Manchester pest control team share over 250 years’ experience in delivering the best pest control services across Greater Manchester, with expert advice and professional solutions. We ensure our highly trained pest controllers are knowledgeable experts, able to offer you help and advise on how to protect your home or business.

Urbanised areas of Manchester and Cheshire give pests like mice, rats, cockroaches, and bed bugs exactly what they need, food sources and potential safe places to hide. Local Manchester based technicians and surveyors can deal with your pest problem effectively - we offer:

  • Detailed Survey - highlighting the extent of an infestation & potential access points
  • Fast Effective Treatments - targeted & appropriate for your situation 
  • Proofing & Advice - helping to prevent further infestations 
  • British Pest Control Association - (BPCA) certified technicians

Pest Control for Your Home in Manchester

Greater Manchester's 2.8 million people are unfortunately, more than likely to experience some type of pest infestation from bed bug infested bedrooms, cockroaches invading kitchens to nibbling mice, ants raiding cupboards and flea ridden furnishings. As upsetting as these pest problems are our qualified team of Manchester exterminators are here to help.

Whether your home is a flat, terraced or semi-detached house, bungalow or castle, if you are being invaded by unwanted pests we are here to offer the best pest control services and advice in Manchester to help you become pest free. Take a look at what our local customers have to say about us.

Commercial Pest Control in Manchester

We work closely with all industries across Greater Manchester and Cheshire to provide the best pest control solutions for businesses. We are regularly resolving issues with pests such as rodents, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, flies and ants. These pests can thrive in urban areas making a pest infestation a continual threat.

Whether your business is in food processing, food retail or an office environment your organisation will be susceptible to a pest infestation. There are over 500 licensed premises in Manchester city centre alone as well as Deansgate Lock and Castlefield areas, providing potential opportunities for pests. Being diligent and proactive about pest control helps to ensure your business is prepared. We have worked in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the UK for over 90 years helping businesses from retail, industrial premises and offices to food focused businesses such as hospitality and supermarkets to deal with pest problems quickly and effectively.

Food Safety in Manchester

Food hygiene compliance is a serious matter for any business. We provide specialist pest control throughout the Manchester area, helping food related businesses keep their premises safe from pests, vermin and associated diseases. Our services range from professional rodent control to targeted ant control and cockroach treatments. We help you protect your customers, your food safety compliance and overall, your reputation. Contact us today.

Hotels and Restaurants

Keep all of your guests, customers and visitors safe from unwanted pests with one of our specialist treatments

Manchester Hotels and Restaurants

Customer experience isn't only important to those in the hospitality sector; we aim to provide our customers with the most effective pest control services in Manchester. If your hotel, bar, restaurant or takeaway is suffering from a pest problem, we provide industry leading solutions, performed by specially trained exterminators.

Retail Stores

Whether you're a shoe shop, clothes shop, department store or shopping centre; Rentokil are at your service. We have years of experience protecting all types of Manchester retail businesses from pest infestations. Our treatments are all performed by certified pest technicians, specifically trained in pest removal, pest extermination and pest prevention.

Pests Found in the Manchester Area

Seasonal Pests

Rodents and Others

Manchester Pest Control Reviews

We appreciate how difficult it can be to make an informed decision when trying to choose a pest control service in Greater Manchester. Our expertise in dealing with pest problems throughout the Manchester area over the past 90 years is shown through our local customers who are happy to share with you their experiences using our pest services.

Manchester Pest Control Prices

There is such diversity in property sizes, types and ages for both homes and commercial buildings throughout Greater Manchester, there is no 'one size fits all' solution to eliminating a pest infestation. Every pest problem is individual, with many factors affecting the most effective solution and the costs involved, for example; 

  • The type of pest problem 
  • Size of the infestation 
  • Overall size of the property 
  • Number of treatments needed

Wasp Control in Manchester

To get rid of wasps you do 'not' need wasp nest removal, but you do need to treat the nest and the nesting wasps. If the nest is within a cavity wall or similar enclosed space it’s unlikely you’ll be able to remove it, but the wasps and nest can still be treated. We provide effective wasp treatments across the Greater Manchester region by qualified, experienced exterminators who offer expert prevention and proofing advice.

Rat and Mice Control in Manchester

Rodent pests have adapted to urban life in the Manchester area with ease. Rats and house mice are omnivores, consuming just about anything from discarded left-overs to the contents of rubbish bags and compost bins. Manchester's food outlets, businesses, parks and open spaces along with homes provide all the opportunity these pests need to thrive.

Rat Exterminator in Manchester

Statistics from Manchester Council’s pest control service have recently shown that north Manchester topped the pile for rodent related issues, of which over 30% came from residents who had found rats inside their homes. Seeking professional rat removal from qualified rodent exterminators is vital to ensure any infestation is tackled quickly and effectively.

Mice Exterminator in Manchester

Across all ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester you will encounter mice at some point. House mice prefer to shelter inside buildings, remaining active all year round. Takeaways and other premises serving food in Manchester city centre need to be particularly vigilant as mice only need 3g of food a day to survive. Our qualified rodent exterminators offer advice on mouse proofing your property and can eliminate an existing infestation of mice swiftly.

Bed Bug Treatment in Manchester

Manchester is the second most populated area in the UK and the third most visited city by foreign guests. This offers parasites such as bed bugs opportunities to flourish and spread across a variety of accommodation from hotels to self-catering. Dealing with a bed bug infestation effectively is complex, but our years of experience and expertise in pest control across Manchester means we offer the most effective treatments to eradicate these parasites.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Manchester

Ants are often seen as a minor problem and are not usually treated as a priority. If you have noticed any signs of ants or tried to get rid of ants yourself (unsuccessfully), then Rentokil are always here to help. We offer top of the range DIY products, services and expert advice in order to help any Manchester resident or business to fight their ant problem.

Manchester Pest Control FAQ's

  • Are there DIY solutions for pests in Manchester?

    For guaranteed removal of pests in Greater Manchester, we strongly suggest you seek professional treatment from qualified technicians, as DIY products are not as effective as specialist solutions used to eradicate pest infestations. However, Rentokil do offer a wide range of reputable DIY products to help you fight your small scale pest issues.

    • Rats DIY - These products are specifically designed for small scale infestations in your home or garden.
    • Mice DIY - We provide solutions for trapping and removal of mice, as well as the eliminating of the bad odours they produce.
    • Ants DIY -  These are a range of sprays, powders and gels, all used to treat common ant infestations inside and outside your property.
    • Cockroach DIY - These include powders, sprays and traps - all effective for the removal of a cockroach infestation.

  • Do you provide free quotes?

    Our initial estimate over the phone is free and without obligation. However if a survey of your property is needed, our surveyor will call you to discuss any potential cost prior to arranging the survey.

  • What are your opening times?

    Our opening times are:

    Monday – Friday 8:30am - 6:00pm

    You can fill out our Contact Us web form

  • Where in Manchester do you cover?

    The Manchester branch of Rentokil Pest Control covers:
    • Buxton
    • Glossop
    • Stretford
    • Knutsford
    • Stockport
    • Radcliffe
    • Prestwich
    • Salford
    • Trafford Park
    • Manchester
    • Alderley Edge
    • Bolton
    • Chadderton
    • Cheadle
    • Rochdale

  • Can you be discreet with your services?

    We tailor all of our visits to suit your business needs, scheduling treatments to fit around your customers, staff and clients. Our surveyors and technicians are uniformed and our vans liveried to avoid any ambiguity and speculation about our presence. We can also attempt to park our vehicles discreetly upon request.

  • How many exterminators will treat my property?

    On most occasions just one qualified and experienced pest controller is needed to complete a pest treatment. However, depending on the size and complexity of an infestation a team of two or three pest technicians may be required.

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