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Finding mice in your home or business is very distressing. Mice can spread disease in their search for food and shelter, posing health risks particularly in kitchens and food storage areas. Mice can also multiple quickly which can increase the problem exponentially.

Taking control of a mice infestation quickly is important as they can

  • Damage property as constant gnawing by mice can damage insulation, pipes, doors, floorboards & they shred soft items for nesting.
  • Contaminate foodstuffs as pathogens in their urine & faeces can transmit diseases such as Hantavirus & Salmonellosis.
  • Cause damage as they gnaw to squeeze through gaps, their propensity to gnaw and chew on items to control their incisors can mean they are attracted to wood, and electrical wiring which in turn can lead to fire risks.

Check for common signs of mice which will help identify a problem early, ensuring that quick and effective treatment can occur as soon as possible. All of our technicians are British Pest Control Association (BPCA) certified ensuring they are trained to the highest level to provide fast, effective and targeted mouse control solutions.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

A mouse infestation in your home can not only cause genuine health risks but also real fear and stress for families. If you have never had mice before, it is unlikely you will know exactly what action to take. Most people do not worry about a pest problem until it actually happens. In this case, it can be much more reassuring to call in a pest control professional to take care of the problem for you.

How to Get Rid of Mice in Your Business

The level of risk posed by mice to a business will vary greatly depending on the type of industry, its size and the legislation requirements for pest control. The business impact of mice is known to negatively affect brand reputation, customer reviews, employee morale, operational efficiency and ultimately revenue and profits.

When it comes to pest control, most businesses cannot afford to waste time experimenting with their own versions of mouse control - the risks are too high. Instead, you should rely on a professional pest control service offered by our highly trained and certified technicians. Local pest controllers will help to protect your business long-term against future pest problems and reflect positively on the business from the view of stakeholders, peers and your customers.

Rentokil’s Mouse Control Treatments

At Rentokil, we understand how a presence of unwanted pest such as mice can be a huge concern to your home, family or businesses

Rentokil heavily invest in  ongoing training for our technicians, and in pushing the boundaries of pest control with the latest technology and treatments for small businesses to multi site buildings across the UK and the world.  Our award winning Radar and Pest Connect technology for businesses to monitor and eliminate pest activity ensures we are in the best position to be able to offer you the most efficient mouse control services available.

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Do It Yourself Mice Control

Our products team have a range of DIY solutions suitable for smaller mice problems, and the products have been developed and manufactured under strict guidelines to adhere to UK & EU standards.  To purchase any of our Rentokil branded DIY products, these are available at all good outlets and supermarkets.

If you have a larger infestation and are unable to get this under control, you will require the assistance of more specialised treatment which is not available over the counter.  Our Rentokil Technicians are trained to administer and distribute a range of humane and baited traps to eliminate your mouse problem.

Mice FAQ

  • How long do mice live?

    Mice generally have a lifespan of up to around 18 months.


  • How often do mice reproduce?

    Mice can give birth when they are two months old and can have babies 6 to 10 times per year.

  • Can I get ill from being near or in contact with a mouse?

    Depending on the species, but some mice can carry germs in their urine which can cause illness and allergies. They can also spread disease through ticks, fleas and mites.

  • Do mice bite?

    Yes - although it’s fairly rare.

  • How much does it cost to get rid of mice?

    We understand that every pest infestation is different. To be able to quote an accurate price, our  pest surveyors need to understand a variety of factors. The size of the property, where the infestation is coming from, the size of the infestation, and other factors that may unintentionally be contributing to the infestation eg. location of bins and food storage etc. They can then confirm the pest species and offering the most appropriate and effective treatment to solve your pest problem, and also provide help and advice to help you control any future infestation.

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