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All Purpose Disinfection and Post Lockdown Solutions

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Specialist Disinfection Services and Post Lockdown Workplace Solutions

We understand that returning back to the workplace post lockdown (whilst adhering to the highest level of hygiene and social distancing guidelines), ensuring your business operates safely, potentially at reduced capacity, whilst protecting your employees, visitors and customers can be an anxious time.

Moving forward towards a ‘new normal’, Rentokil aims to help mitigate potential issues and problems you may face by providing a range of all-purpose specialist disinfection services and post lockdown workplace solutions to support your business.

All Purpose Specialist Disinfection

Rentokil can offer your business an all-purpose, internal specialist disinfection treatment, which will disinfect a buildings infrastructure and an external specialist disinfection treatment for key touchpoint areas, giving peace of mind to your staff and customers, and to assist essential businesses to continue trading during the Coronavirus outbreak.

This specialist disinfection service is only carried out when there are no confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus onsite.

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Our qualified and highly trained colleagues are equipped with the necessary personal protective, respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively within your premises whilst completing an All Purpose Specialist Disinfection treatment. Our colleagues are all highly trained in the survey and treatment process for All Purpose Specialist Disinfection to protect themselves and our customers and to minimise the risk of any cross contamination.

With the largest regional teams in the UK we are able to deliver a fast response and a professional and legally compliant service.


External – All Purpose Specialist Disinfection

Our qualified and highly trained technicians provide a disinfection service to treat ‘key external touchpoints’ to ensure they are disinfected, helping to minimise the risk of infection. These treatment areas can include, but are not limited to: Shopping trolleys and trolley bays, Shopping baskets, Door handles, Disability door buttons, Handrails, Cashpoint machines, Petrol pumps, Bins, Recycling areas, Smoking sheds and Delivery vehicle cabins.

We can provide this external touchpoint disinfection during working hours or out of hours to suit your business needs.

Internal – All Purpose Specialist Disinfection

We can ensure a fast, responsive, internal specialist disinfection service to help you maintain a high level of hygiene within the fabric your premises. We will disinfect your site promptly, safely and in a legally compliant manner. Our highly trained technicians use appropriate personal protective and respiratory protective equipment whilst treating your premises.

Our All Purpose disinfection treatment gives you the peace of mind that critical areas of your business are disinfected.

Contingency Surveys

Where speed of service is essential to your business, we can offer a rapid Coronavirus response, ‘contingency survey’ in advance of any disinfection treatment requirement - to establish key information about your premises and your site risks and to quote for a bespoke disinfection treatment of key areas. Once the survey is completed, the report is kept on file along with a site-specific risk assessment, a method statement and pre-authorised works information. This will allow us to act swiftly and decisively in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of Coronavirus being reported on your site.

Vehicle Disinfection Service

Many UK businesses have had to adapt to a ‘delivery model’ with numerous vehicles that need to be disinfected to safeguard employees and customers. There are also essential fleet vehicles that may need disinfection treatment to help protect staff so they can continue to provide their vital services. We can offer a professional and legally compliant all purpose vehicle disinfection service to help safeguard vehicle occupants. Rentokil Pest Control can only provide this vehicle disinfection service when there are no confirmed or suspected cases of Coronavirus associated with the vehicle.

Our vehicle disinfection service includes:

  • Internal and external ‘touchpoint’ cleaning
  • Fogging and/or spraying of internal cab with full internal wipe down
  • For vans we will also fog and/or spray the rear cab area

Vehicle disinfection is suitable for but not limited to; commercial fleet vehicles, buses, lorries, delivery vehicles, taxis and local authority vehicles.There is minimal disruption to your business as vehicles are available again within approximately one hour of treatment. Our service is swift and responsive and our fully trained colleagues are equipped with the necessary personal protective and respiratory protective equipment and specialist disinfection equipment to work safely and effectively.



Returning Back to Work Safely

Ensuring your business can operate safely and that your employees and customers are protected as the UK moves towards a 'new normal' is understandably your number one priority.

In addition to our fast response, all-purpose specialist disinfection services to help maintain a high level of hygiene throughout your business we can support your return to work with a range of solutions to help mitigate the potential spread of infection.

As part of Rentokil Initial, we offer a range of hand sanitiser dispensers. These include options for static or mobile stands, so they can be easily located wherever they are needed most. We can also supply a range of flexible protective screens to help support your customers and staff in remaining safe and protected within the workplace.

Our digital PestConnect system provides maximum protection with 24/7 remote monitoring and immediate control, yet with minimum disruption to your business environment. This protects your staff, customers and business from rodent pests, whilst maintaining pest control in a contactless manner.

Top Up Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

To assist with keeping hands hygienically clean in a business environment Rentokil can offer ‘Top Up’ Hand Sanitiser Dispensers, in areas such as entrance doors, reception areas, shared office space, lifts, stairways, meeting rooms, kitchen and eating areas. Our hand sanitiser dispensers are ideal for locations where soap and water are not easily available. Hand sanitiser dispensers offer an easy and effective hand sanitising solution to help protect your staff and business.

These one litre sanitiser dispensers have a visual gauge to show sanitiser levels and are available with a five litre hand sanitiser refill, allowing you to ‘top up’ when necessary. The sanitiser used in our dispensers is a WHO (World Health Organisation) recommended formulation containing 80% alcohol (ethanol). The manual push hand sanitiser dispensers can be wall mounted, whilst the touch-free automatic option can be wall mounted or secured to sturdy stands, offering immediate touchpoint sanitation.

Protective Screens for your Workplace

We offer a flexible range of protective screens, to help ensure your employees remain safe and protected within the workplace, and to help safeguard visitors and customers to your business.  

Rentokil can provide protective cough and sneeze screens (in various sizes) as desk partitions for enclosed office environments, reception areas and retail spaces. For environments with no desks, yet still requiring segregation we have screens that can be suspended from a ceiling to effectively shield and protect people.

We also offer heavy duty divider screens allowing companies to adhere to social distancing measures both in larger office spaces and on factory floors, as larger free standing mobile screens can be conveniently moved around to divide larger areas.


Coronavirus Containment Response Kits

All businesses as part of the ‘new normal’ are formulating new practices to help ensure staff, visitors and customers remain safe. This may include a planned initial, first response to suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the workplace.

Infection Containment Kits – are single-use essential kits for an immediate response to suspected Coronavirus (or other infections) in the workplace. They contain appropriate PPE and sanitation products to help minimise the spread of potential infection. Our sister business Initial Medical UK supplies these specialist kits along with collection of the hazardous waste, providing the relevant Hazardous Waste Consignment Note for your records to show legal compliance with government legislation.

Coronavirus Containment and Control Assistance – Rentokil Specialist Hygiene

Whilst Rentokil Pest Control can provide an All Purpose Disinfection service to businesses that don't have confirmed cases of the virus, in order to give customers peace of mind and assist essential businesses to continue trading, our sister business Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can provide a range of treatments in Coronavirus confirmed or suspected cases to assist with Coronavirus Containment and Control.