Penetrating Damp

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What is Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating Damp, sometimes known as “rain penetration”, is the result of excess water infiltrating through an external wall and into a property. This can occur through walls, roofs, window or door surrounds at any level of property often as a result of defects in roof tiles, cracked pointing, blocked weep holes or defective seals.

If your property is experiencing issues with penetrating damp, the quicker you act to resolve the problem the less property damage will be caused as a result. Contact our damp proofing team today on 0808 301 2307 or click the button below to book a survey today.

What Causes Penetrating Damp?

Penetrating damp in properties is usually the result of defects in the building such as external damage from roof tiles, cracks in the wall, faulty guttering or internal damage from leaking or burst pipes. 

Other causes of penetrating damp can be;

- Spalled bricks and defective masonry - over time the external brickwork can become defective from age or neglect allowing water to penetrate a property.
- Porous walls - masonry unable to keep rain from penetrating inside a property.

How to Identify Penetrating Damp?

Typically the signs of penetrating damp are very similar to other types of damp which can make diagnosing damp problematic if you are not sure what to look out for. Regardless of size or scale, you should be able to spot the signs of penetrating damp from the following symptoms:

  • Damaged Internal Decoration - deterioration and staining internal wall
    Damaged Plaster - blistering, salting and disintegration.
    Rotting Skirting Boards or Floor Timbers – wet rot decay can develop as a result of moisture saturating timber.
    Localised dampness – Random damp patches at a high and low level that grow in size when coming into contact with moisture.
    Mould Growth – musty smell, spoilt decoration.
    Brick damage - damage to the brickwork on external walls resulting in spalling and cracks in the structure of the wall can allow moisture to enter the property.

How We Treat Penetrating Damp

Depending on the extent of the property damage caused by penetrating damp, treatment will vary in property to property. To best treat penetrating damp in your property and before any treatment begins, we would advise arranging a penetrating damp survey with Rentokil Property Care.

If you require expert penetrating damp treatment and require advice on our range of treatment solutions, our Rentokil Property Care team are here to help to diagnose, recommend and treat against penetrating damp effectively based on your property’s needs.

Does Building Insurance Cover Against Penetrating Damp?

Many building insurance policies do not cover against the threat of penetrating damp. As penetrating damp is caused by water ingress from building defects or deterioration, your insurance policy may not cover the cost to repair.

If you are planning on carrying out DIY solutions for the problem yourself, check with your insurance policy provider first as carrying the work out yourself could invalidate your insurance policy. In this instance, Rentokil Property Care would always recommend leaving it to a professional.

Request a Penetrating Damp Survey

If you are looking for expert penetrating damp treatment, look no further than Rentokil Property Care. Using the latest diagnostic technology and innovative treatment methods, our surveyors and technicians will effectively assess, diagnose and correct your penetrating damp issue.

With over 60 years of experience in treating the nation's properties from the effects of damp, rot and woodworm; you can always rely on our friendly locally based teams across the UK.

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