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Woodworm Insurance

Conventional household and contents insurers rarely provide policies that cover for attack by wood boring insects, wood-rotting fungi, rising damp or wall tie corrosion. However, Rentokil Insurance provides protection against all of these worrying problems.

Although early identification of the signs of woodworm can benefit the level of treatment required, it’s not always easy to spot these insects so it can be very beneficial to have a contingency in place.

Insure against Woodworm with Rentokil

It couldn’t be easier to insure your home with Rentokil Insurance. Simply book a Survey with Rentokil Property Care to inspect your property and based on the survey and your requirements, appropriate insurance cover can be provided.

The next steps to woodworm insurance

  • Following a survey of your property you will be provided with a detailed report and a quote for any treatment required
  • The Surveyor will use factors such as the age, size and construction of your property to provide you with a woodworm insurance quote.
  • If you choose to accept the insurance you will pay the first annual premium to Rentokil Property Care, who will then pass your details to Rentokil Insurance to write your policy
  • The woodboring insects covered by the policy are:
    1. Common furniture beetle
    2. Death watch beetle
    3. House longhorn beetle

What my Insurance Covers

  • Inspection when necessary, to find out the treatment required to control the infestation you report
  • Treatment of the affected timbers to control the infestation
  • Replacement or reinforcement of affected timbers, where necessary, to ensure they are strong and stable
  • Repair of any wall and ceiling plaster that is disturbed while we treat or replace the timbers

For further information regarding our woodworm insurance cover, or if you have any questions or queries, please call our specialists or download our Policy Document and our Key Facts Document.

Terms & Conditions apply

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Woodworm e-cover

Rentokil Insurance also offer a woodworm e-cover option. This cover offers an immediate woodworm only insurance quote without the need for a survey (subject to terms and conditions).

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