wasps busy building a wwasps nest under the eaves of a building

EcoCatch Wasp Traps

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EcoCatch Wasp Trap

EcoCatch wasp traps are your first line of defence against wasps. These uniquely designed, non-toxic, discreet, robust, highly effective, and sustainable wasp catchers are up to 26% more effective at catching wasps than 'traditional dome' wasp pots*.

Suitable for protecting all external locations, including hospitality, pub, cafe, restaurant and hotel gardens and terraces, food manufacturing and pharmaceutical facilities, warehousing, and distribution centres. In fact any exterior areas of your premises that need wasp control will benefit from an EcoCatch wasp trap.

* When tested in field trials compared to common commercially available dome wasp traps.


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Negative impact of wasps on your business

Wasps can have a negative impact on your business operations and can be an unwanted distraction for your customers and colleagues. They can also be a Health & Safety issue, due to the risk of potential stings and allergic reactions to stings (known as anaphylaxis). Wasps may contaminate your food, produce and stock or potentially damage your property when constructing nests. All of this can affect your business and your reputation.


How EcoCatch wasp traps can benefit your business

Designed and developed in-house by the Rentokil technical team, the EcoCatch wasp trap is a more effective and professional way of controlling wasps in outdoor areas of your business. They are also:

  • Unobtrusive wasp control solution - that hides the captured wasps, discreetly out of sight in an appealing, inconspicuous container.

  • Flexible installation options - the units can be wall mounted, pole mounted or hung from fence or railings. As EcoCatch traps require no electricity they can be situated in any appropriate external locations around your business.

  • Non-toxic solution - zero risk of pesticide contamination as lures are pesticide free

  • Lockable, robust casing - reduces the risk of damage to the trap or contamination. It also reduces the risks of unsightly mess from spillages.

  • High level lures - uses several attractant lures to compound the effective attraction of wasps.

  • Unique & effective design - which optimises the rate at which wasps are caught, by effectively using the 'contrast effect' of colour associated with insect sight.

  • Sustainable - the wasp traps are completely reusable, with caught wasps efficiently removed and the lure bait refreshed, reducing consumables use and waste. In addition, over 30% of EcoCatch is made from recycled plastics.

The science of attracting wasps

Wasps rely heavily on their vision for navigation, foraging and communication. Their eyes are specifically attuned to certain colours and patterns that help guide their behaviour. Wasps have very different vision to that of people, being able to see ultraviolet light (which is invisible to us). Research has shown that wasps actively avoid some colours, while being strongly attracted to others.

The EcoCatch wasp trap has been specifically designed to maximise the wasps' natural visual cues for phototaxis, navigation, and detection of food. To provide the best possible attraction, to draw wasps away from your premises.

Recent Rentokil scientific research has demonstrated, that wasps are known to be up to 39% more attracted to the Rentokil coloured wasp traps, compared to more commonly used white or yellow traps. Rentokil's coloured unit has also been shown to be up to 26% more effective at catching wasps compared to other traps*.