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Lumnia LED Fly Control

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Lumnia LED fly killer units offer up to 79% Energy Savings *

Lumnia LED fly killer units use as little as 6.5 watts of Energy **

62% lower carbon emissions certified by The Planet Mark

Lumnia energy saving LED Fly Control for Business

Rentokil's innovative Lumnia Fly Control units use LED technology to effectively eliminate flies and protect your business. Our LED range of Lumnia fly killers catches flies faster than other LED ILTs (insect light traps), they have 80% greater reach than traditional fly killers, use as little as 6.5 watts of energy**, can offer up to 79% energy savings*, have been certified to have 62% lower carbon emissions by The Planet Mark and contain no Mercury in the LED UV tubes (unlike traditional fluorescent UV tubes). 

*Tests for Lumnia LED fly killers range and competing products were carried out under the same conditions. ** When used in low energy mode.

No matter the size of your business, or how many locations you have, there is a Lumnia LED insect light trap that will suit your requirements. From the Lumnia Slim or the Lumnia Compact designed for customer-facing locations to Lumnia Standard, or the Lumnia Ultimate tailored to protect food preparation, storage and processing areas and our Lumnia Suspended ceiling unit, designed to give multi-directional UV-LED fly control for high-dependency, high risk locations that need cover over a large area, we have a fly control solution to protect your business.

Calculate your energy savings with Lumnia

Using the Lumnia energy saving calculator below, you can calculate your potential energy savings by upgrading your existing units to our high-performance, energy saving, Lumnia LED fly control units. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Type in the number of existing fly control units you use on a daily basis
  2. Select the appropriate wattage of your existing units from the drop down menu (from 15 Watts up to 60 Watts)
  3. Select the appropriate level of energy cost from the drop down menu
  4. The figure quoted below in red will be the average annual saving that you could make by switching your existing fly control unit for a lower energy Lumnia unit.

You can now choose the most appropriate fly killers from our Lumnia range and calculate your potential annual savings by switching to our energy saving LED models.

Enter number of existing fly units:

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Average saving taken at 79%* across the whole Lumnia LED Range, actual savings will vary depending on type of electric fly killers purchased and energy unit costs.

Why choose Lumnia LED insect light traps

Lumnia fly control units are designed to attract, kill and encapsulate flying insects hygienically - eliminating the risks of contamination. Our Lumnia LED range also eliminates the risks of secondary infestations by encapsulating flies onto an adhesive film which automatically winds on to a spool for hygienic containment. This Lumnia system avoids problems with insect fragmentation (or blow out) that occurs when using traditional grid electric fly killers. The Lumnia fly control range is compliant with all legal and health and safety requirements, having HACCP food-safe certification.

Lumnia Slim

Lumnia Slim is a highly effective, elegent and discreet insect light trap, that has been specially designed for customer-facing locations such as cafes, bars, reception areas and restaurant 'front-of-house' locations. The powerful, long life LED lamp within the slender, modern exterior is highly effective at attracting and discreetly capturing flying insects whilst using very little energy. Making Lumnia Slim cost effective and environmentally friendly. The unit also has HACCP food-safety certification.

Lumnia Compact

Lumnia Compact is a modern, sleek, effective and very energy efficient LED fly control system. It uses as little as 6.5 watts of power**, and offers up to 79% energy savings*. By trapping insects, Lumnia Compact avoids problems with insect fragmentation (blow out) that occurs when using traditional grid electric fly killer units. The Compact unit projects light both upwards and forwards, covering a larger area (to attract and kill flies) than other uplighters. Its adaptable design allows for wall mounting or flat surface installation. Suitable for food retail businesses, as it's safe and hygienic with no pesticide or flying insect fragments. It also fulfils legal and health and safety requirements, having HACCP certification and the LED UV lights contain no Mercury.

Lumnia Standard

Lumnia Standard units have 2 LED lamps to attract, kill and encapsulate insect pests hygienically, eliminating risks of contamination. They use as little as 13 watts of energy**. The units use adaptive modes automatically to reduce energy consumption, providing an average energy saving of up to 79%* compared to equivalent competitor fly killers, and have lower carbon emissions of 62% as certified by The Planet Mark. These units are suited to back-of-house operations, commercial kitchens and warehousing.

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Lumnia Ultimate

Lumnia Ultimate is designed and engineered specifically for high dependency environments such as food processing, pharmaceutical and industrial locations. Boasting 3 UV LED bulbs Ultimate offers the furthest 'throw' for attracting flies in the Lumnia range. It's designed to attract, eliminate and encapsulate insects hygienically - removing the risks of contamination and secondary infestations. It delivers superior catch rates, using black LEDs proven to be 30% more effective at catching flies, whilst using as little as 20.2 watts of energy** .Effective lower running temperatures of the unit improve the LEDs lifespan to at least 3 years. Lumnia Ultimate offers more fly control coverage with greater energy efficiency - saving on average up to 79%* compared to conventional insect light traps.

Lumnia Suspended

Lumnia Suspended (our expertly designed ceiling-suspended unit, allowing for multi directional UV LED attraction) is a professional and highly effective fly control solution that has been developed for back-of-house, high-dependency locations that require cover over a large area such as food processing, pharmaceutical, industrial or warehousing facilities. It’s ideal for customers that have zero tolerance for insect pests and where monitoring and control over flying insects is crucial. The unit’s modern exterior contains three powerful UV LEDs that are highly attractive to flying insects, yet contains no Mercury and uses as little as 20.2 watts of energy**. Lumnia Suspended catches 42.9% more flying insects per cm² than comparable suspended insect light traps*** with a similar catch area. Yet it’s also one of the lowest energy consumption units of this calibre on the market, saving up to 79%* of energy costs compared to comparable suspended ILTs.

***Comparable suspended ILTs include Liberator and Luminos 4. 

The European Commission's (EC) update to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoSH) Directive 2011/65/EU aims to remove Mercury from lighting applications, including Fluorescent UV tubes used in traditional Electric Fly Killers. These changes start to come into effect from September 2023 (UK).

Lumnia LED UV tubes do not contain any Mercury and are unaffected by the ban. We would recommend transitioning from fluorescent UV tube fly control units to LED Lumnia units to ensure your business is protected against fly activity in the future.

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