Bedbugs dog bio-detection and monitoring

Bed Bug Dog Detect

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Bed Bugs Dog Detect Monitoring

Highly trained bed bug sniffer dogs are four times more effective at detecting the earliest signs of bedbug activity compared to human inspections*. Making them a cost-effective alley in protecting your premises from potential bed bug infestations.

Bed bugs can become a fast-growing problem for busineses such as hotels, hostels, universities, student accommodation, care homes, apartment buildings and guesthouses. Notorious for harming brand image, bed bugs are difficult to prevent as they can be brought in by unsuspecting guests and visitors in luggage and clothing.

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Prevention is better than cure, and Rentokil's Bed Bug Detect provides a rapid, unique, and highly cost-effective early monitoring for businesses who are potentially more suspetable to damaging bed bug infestations. All without the complication of having cainines roaming through your premises.

*Bedbug sniffer dogs bio-detected bed bug samples in rooms up to four times as often as visual inspections by trained Pest Control Technicians.

How Rentokil's Bed Bug Detection and Monitoring Works

Highly trained Rentokil technicians collect a sample of air from just inside the entrance of the hotel room. But without fully opening the door or entering the room, using a specifically designed vacuum backpack. This offers minimal disruption for your business, as technicians don't fully enter the room or disturb any furnishings to collect an air sample. It also means collection can be done swiftly and discreetly.

Once the air samples are gathered, they are sent directly to a facility with specially trained bed bug sniffer dogs, who can detect any bedbug activity from the room air samples. This solution provides you with the earliest detection of a bed bug issue, as the dogs are four times as effective at detecting the earliest signs of bed bug activity, compared to visual human inspections*. This allows you to treat an infestation within your business before it develops any further, and becomes an issue for your guests.


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Benefits of Canine Bed Bug Detection

In the very earliest stages of a bed bug infestation, even a professional pest controller can find it difficult to confirm an active bed bug problem. As bedbug eggs and nymphs are incredibly small, hiding in cracks and crevices, which makes spotting a few of them with the naked eye challenging. A highly trained bedbug detection dog can accurately sniff out the complex odour of even a small number of bed bugs, without having to rely on sight.

  • Early detection of bed bugs - the sniffer dogs are highly trained to recognise the unique pheromone scent emitted by the smallest number of bed bugs. As their sensitive scent receptors differentiate smells far more accurately than people. The earlier the infestation is detected, the quicker treatment can occur and help to avoid the potential spread of bed bugs to adjacent rooms.

  • Non-intrusive - by using bio-detection (taking the potential bed bug scent) to the highly trained sniffer dogs, our qualified technicians can swiftly and discreetly collect samples from many rooms (approximately 2 minutes or less per room) with less disruption to your business. This also mitigates any potential issues with general hygiene and allergies associated with dogs on your premises.

  • Fast and efficient - speed and accuracy are important advantages of canine bed bug bio-detection. This is most apparent (and economical) when checking quickly and discreetly for bed bug activity throughout an entire premises (as bed bugs can easily migrate to adjacent rooms) or in larger spaces such as schools, offices, public buildings and retail stores.

  • Reduced disruption - for your business, customers and staff. By monitoring discreetly with Bed Bug Dog Detect and reacting quickly to the first signs of a potential bed bug infestation you'll save time and money. As well as protecting your business reputation.

How does a sniffer dog accurately detect bed bugs?

Specific dog breeds (best suited for bio-detection) are trained to detect bed bugs by odour, rather than sight. Enabling them to be far more accurate. Bed bugs emit unique pheromones, and the dogs are trained to recognise these specific, complex scents. Labrador Retrivers, German Shepherds, Beagles and Belgian Shepherds are often used as sniffer dogs. As their noses use approximately 200 million scent receptors to differentiate smells. The training bed bug dogs uses similar technquies to those used to train police dogs to sniff out drugs and firearms. The complexity with bed bugs is that their pheromones are constantly changing as the infestation develops. So the bed bug dogs must learn to distinguish multiple scent components to be able to detect an infestation at any point.