flock of urban feral pigeons landing and roosting on rooftop solar panels without bird proofing protection

Bird Proofing Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Surveys for Bird Proofing & Cleaning

Currently the UK's solar capacity stands at 15 GW, generated by an estimated *1.3 million Solar Panel Installions. These solar photovoltaic panels (Solar VP) have to be kept clean to maintain peak efficiency. Birds nesting in and around panels can cause a build-up of debris and fouling, potentially damaging these expensive units. However, without the correct equipment, it can be difficult and costly to survey the solar panelling for pest related issues.

Rentokil offer a professional solar panel survey, using state of the art inspection camera equipment. This allows our qualified and experienced surveyors to survey panels quickly and efficiently, without expensive access equipment. If issues are found, we can provide a quote for bird proofing solar panels. Whilst our sister company Rentokil Specialist Hygiene can provide professional solar panel cleaning.

*Data from Solar Energy UK & Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

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Why are birds under solar panels a problem?

Birds find gaps between solar panels and rooftops ideal to roost and nest. The shade and shelter offered by these voids provides a safe refuge from harsh weather and predators. Pigeons and other birds nesting in, and around solar panels can:

  • Damage the cabling, wiring and photovoltaic panels themselves.
  • Debris such as feathers, droppings, dust and nesting materials cause 'hard shading' reducing the effectiveness of the solar panels.
  • Pigeon and gull droppings are particuarly corrosive, potentially damaging these expensive units.
  • Gulls and pigeons also carry pathogens like Salmonellosis and Escherichia coli that can lead to illnesses like gastro-enteritis, which is a health hazard to those working on or maintaing the solar panels.

The simplest way to help protect solar panelling is to prevent birds from accessing the area under the panels. By professionally proofing them using specifically designed meshing. This protects the wiring, cables, equipment and the roof from damage.

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene solar panel cleaning

Rentokil Specialist Hygiene provide solar panel cleaning for both commercial and residential properties. Technicians undertake a technical solar panel training course qualification. They utilise specialist equipment, advanced techniques and eco-friendly solutions to remove the build-up of dirt, grime and debris from your solar panels to ensure optimal energy generation.