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Rot Insurance

At Rentokil, we offer insurance to cover your home or business against problems associated with wood rot. Our insurance will provide the reassurance you need against wood-rotting fungi, which could attack the timber in your property. Wood is an integral part of most buildings, from roof joists, floorboards and stairs to skirting boards, structural timbers and eaves. Wood rot is caused by fungal decay within these timbers. There are many fungus species that can cause wood to become rotten.

The two most common types of rot affecting building timbers are Dry Rot and Wet Rot, which are both covered with our insurance plan. There are some indicative signs of Dry Rot and Wet Rot but professional diagnosis of the type of rot causing the problem is vital to allow effective dry rot treatment or or wet rot repair service. Having an insurance contingency against such problems is always beneficial.

Rentokil’s Wood Rot Insurance Plan

The easiest way to insure your home against wood rot is to book a Survey with Rentokil Property Care to inspect your property and based on the survey and your specific requirements, appropriate insurance cover can be provided. Call us today on 0800 389 6928 to arrange a Rentokil Property Care house survey.

The Next Steps for Wood Rot Insurance

    1. Following a survey of your property you will receive a detailed report and a quote for any treatment required to rectify any existing wood rot issues.
    2. The Surveyor will use factors such as the age, size and construction of your property to provide you with a detailed quote for wood rot insurance.
    3. If you choose to accept the insurance you will pay the first annual premium to Rentokil Property Care, who will then pass your details to Rentokil Insurance to write your policy.

What my Insurance Covers

    1. Any necessary treatment to control an attack of wood rotting fungi in your property.
    2. Inspection when necessary, to find out the treatment requirements to control the wood rotting fungi issue you report to us.
    3. Where necessary, replacement or reinforcement of any affected timbers to ensure they are strong and stable.
    4. Repair of any wall and ceiling plaster that is disturbed while we treat or replace the affected timbers.

For further information regarding our wood rot insurance cover, or if you have any questions or queries, please call our specialists or download our Policy Document and our Key Facts Document.

Specific Requirements
You must tell us if nobody will be living in the property for more than 30 days. We will confirm in writing whether we are still able to insure the property for wood-rotting fungi. If you do not receive written confirmation from us, we may refuse a claim. 

Terms & Conditions apply.