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FREE Pest Control Webinar Videos

Presented by our team of experts, Rentokil Pest Control’s FREE webinar videos cover information on our innovative and sustainable pest control products and services, while also offering practical steps you can take to protect your premises against pests. The video sessions last approximately 1 hour, with a recorded Q&A session at the end.

PestConnect: Intelligent Pest Control That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Hosted by Rentokil Pest Control’s Operations Director Dave Hall and presented by Marketing Manager Berwyn Evans, this webinar video provides an overview of our award winning PestConnect system and the benefits of Digital Pest Control in our continually connected world.

PestConnect effectively monitors and controls rats and mice 24/7, saving businesses time and money in dealing with costly rodent infestations. The system uses internal non-toxic treatments alongside external highly targeted treatments, saving up to 40% in rodenticide use and reducing the impact on UK wildlife.

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Protecting Your Business Against Rodents

Rodents can cause significant problems to your business, as they are known to carry and spread several diseases, while potentially damaging stock and building infrastructure. This webinar video discusses the risks associated with rodent infestations, while also providing an overview of the practical steps you can take to prevent an infestation developing in your premises.

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