Installing waterproof tanking membrane

Tanking Membrane

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Tanking Membrane

Tanking membrane describes sheets of high-density polyethene dimpled (HDPE) waterproof material which is then studded to line walls and floors. This provides a waterproof barrier that keeps Earth retaining walls dry both above ground and in basements or cellars.

The most common application of tanking membranes is as part of a cavity drainage waterproofing system to transform damp spaces like a bathroom, wet room or basement into dry and habitable rooms, however, damp proofing membranes can also be used to solve localised penetrating damp problems. To discuss installing waterproof membrane in your home contact our specialists today by clicking the survey button below.

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What Is Waterproof Tanking Membrane

The cavity drain membrane acts as the internal barrier to moisture.  The membrane is wrapped around the walls and held in place using fixings or plugs, or laid across the floor and sealed using an adhesive product and waterproof tape.

The studded profile on these membranes creates a cavity that allows moisture, or water vapour, to collect and drain to a drainage system.

When To Use Waterproofing Membrane

Wall Lining:  Waterproof fixing plugs provide secondary fixing points for internal dry lining with plasterboard (and insulation if required) fixed to a timber stud frame. Alternatively, an independent metal channel system can be installed. If preferred and where internal space is at a premium, an alternative membrane can be installed for a direct plaster finish.

Floor Lining: The floor membrane has deeper 20mm studs for extra drainage capacity and can be finished either with a concrete screed or T&G chipboard flooring, laid or fixed respectively directly onto the membrane.

Dry Lining System: A ventilated dry lining system can be installed without full drainage provision to give protection from damp or salt contamination. However it will not resist water pressure and so is not a guaranteed waterproof solution.

How To Install Tanking Membrane

The most important point to note is that if the tanking membrane is installed incorrectly, if it tears or punctures during fitting, or if it is not sealed off effectively, then this will compromise the effectiveness of the entire system. That is why we say it is essential that you hire a professional and qualified waterproofing team who can demonstrate their credentials, such as our accreditations from the PCA, the British Structural Waterproofing Association and others.

Although each project is custom built and tailored to the exact specifications of the individual room, broadly speaking, our basement tanking and waterproof membrane installation process includes:

  • Removing any sodden, damp or mouldy plaster or tiling from the affected areas and replastering for a fresh surface on which to apply the membrane.
  • The tanking membrane is then cut to fit and applied to the wall using plaster plugs. We will then seal off the membrane and areas around the plugs using waterproof tape to create a water-tight area.
  • If the membrane is being installed as part of a cavity wall drainage system then we will also install suitable drainage channels around the perimeter of the room to ensure that any water is filtered out of the property

You are then free to plaster or board over the wall and decorate your basement or cellar however you wish, safe in the knowledge it is now totally waterproof.

What Are The Benefits Of Tanking Membrane

A flexible waterproof solution, tanking membrane can be cut and fitted to suit almost any basement, wet room, bathroom or cellar space.

A robust waterproofing system, tanking membrane isn’t susceptible to dampness caused by hydrostatic pressure, unlike cementitious tanking alone which can fail under certain circumstances.

If you install a tanking membrane waterproof system with us, then it will be designed to comply with BS8102, which is the Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground.

For complete peace of mind will provide you with a 10-year waterproofing guarantee.

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