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Norwich Property Care

Providing Norwich with professional, fast and effective woodworm treatment, damp proofing and wood rot treatment.

Any property can be subject to problems such as damp, wood rot or woodworms and they can occur when you least expect it. Our highly trained team of experts in property care will conduct extensive damp, wood rot or woodworm surveys and provide the most professional treatments tailored to your needs.  These issues should not be taken lightly which is why we offer trustworthy damp, woodworm and wood rot solutions for Norwich residents.

Areas covered by our Norwich Property Care Team

The Norwich branch of Rentokil Property Care covers:

  • Norwich
  • Thetford
  • Swaffham
  • Wroxham
  • Ipswich
  • Lowstofe
  • Cambridge
  • Great Yarmouth
  • Bury St. Edmunds

Looking for property care solutions near Norwich but your area isn't listed? Not to worry, our nationwide service means we are always right on your doorstep.

Residential Property Care in Norwich

At Rentokil, we understand the importance of keeping a safe and stable home. Our highly trained team of surveyors and technicians at our Norwich branch are here to provide help and guidance for our customers to sustain a safe home. We provide professional woodworm, damp proofing and wood rot treatments. Our surveyor will conduct an extensive damp, woodworm or wood rot survey and determine the best treatment tailored specifically for your needs. 

We treat your home like its our very own which means you can be sure it is safe for many years to come.

    • Damp – There are a few different kinds of damp which can affect your home however all can lead to mould. Living in a property with mould is bad for your health and should be dealt with as soon as possible. With our expert team of Certified Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) based in Norwich, we can help identify current and potential future damp problem areas and provide tailored damp proofing treatments.
    • Woodworm – Woodworms feed on wood beams causing them to become weaker and unsafe which can eventually lead to structural failure in your property. Wood that contains a higher moisture content are prone to woodworm infestations meaning any damp issues should be investigated as soon as they are spotted. Our Norwich team use years of experience and expert training to identify woodworm infestations Treatments conducted based on the surveyors recommendations hold a 30 year woodworm guarantee so you can be assured you, your home and your family are safe.
    • Wood Rot – Wood rot is a fungus that can affect joists, window frames, floorboards, stairs, skirting boards and timbers. Our Norwich surveyors are experts in the identification of both dry rot and wet rot within the home whilst our technicians professionally removal damaged timbers with preserved-treated timbers preventing wood rot. To ensure your home is properly protected our wood rot treatments are covered by our 30 year wet and dry rot guarantee

Commercial Property Care in Norwich

Whether you are a large corporation or a small independent company; our team of surveyors and technicians at our Norwich branch can deal effectively with the most common of problems that can cause your property damage. We have professional treatments for problems such as rising damp, penetrating damp, wood-boring beetles and wet and dry rot

We understand the importance of a safe work place and repairing rot damage, damp proofing and treating woodworm within the structure of a building is second nature to us.

    • Damp –  Damp Proofing for commercial buildings is needed when there is damage to the physical barrier (walls and floors) of a property. Structural issues can manifest if damp problems are left untreated, increasing the risk towards both employees and your business. Learn more »

    • Woodworm – Wood-boring beetles such as woodworm can cause structural failures within your commercial property making it essential that signs of woodworm are identified early. Our Norwich team have many years of experience and expert training to identify woodworm infestations and will recommend the most appropriate treatment based on your needs. Learn more »

    • Wood Rot – Caused by poor ventilation and dampness, wood rot can affect a wide variety of commercial properties in Norwich, which if left untreated can lead to structural property damage.Wet rot and dry rot (both types of wood rot) can affect joists, floorboards, stairs and skirting boards. Wood-boring beetles are also attracted to wood with a higher moisture content so it is important for our surveyors to thoroughly examine your property for any problems or potential problems and recommend the best treatment. Learn more »

Norwich Property Care

Our team of Norwich surveyors and technicians aim deliver the highest quality local property care services with the full backing of a trusted nationwide company. The Norwich Branch of Rentokil Property Care provides you with:

  • Local knowledge
  • 60 years of experience
  • Residential property care
  • Commercial property care
  • Innovative products and the latest technology
  • Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT)

Norwich has a wealth of historical architecture. The medieval period is represented by the 11th century Norwich Cathedral and the 12th century castle. Around the 18th century, Norwich had a rich cultural life and was the wealthiest town in England. The town started to grow rapidly as a manufacturing centre and more housing was being built as the population started to increase. Many Victorian terraced houses were built around the city centre to accomodate those working at factories. The 19th century saw an explosion in Norwich's size and much of its housing stock and commercial building in the city centre, is a mix of Georgian and Victorian as well as some more modern apartments built during more recent years.  

Norwich has a temperate maritime climate and benefits from rainfall fairly evenly spread throughout the year. Norwich is more prone to showers originating from the North Sea with rainfall at around 650 millimetres (25 inches) which is low, although as much as 100 millimetres (4 inches) higher than other, more sheltered parts of East Anglia.

Buildings of any age, style, period or size can be exposed to the risks of wood boring insects, wood rotting fungi or rising damp. These types of problems can affect the structure of the property and tend be more prevalent in older buildings, such as Medieval, Victorian and early 20th Century dwellings or those that have been refurbished or re purposed over time. Unfortunately, the damage caused by these problems is not always immediately obvious.

Branch Manager

Name: Mark Kirk
Job Title: Branch Manager
Qualifications: CSRT and CSSW

"I have just completed 20 years with Rentokil, the last 10 as a Branch Manager, and there's not much in the realm of damp and decay I have not encountered! I have always taken pride in delivering the finest customer service whilst providing value for money."


Name: Andrew Green
Job Title: Surveyor

"I've worked for the company for 9 years. Rentokil is a long standing and recognised company and it is a pleasure working for them. We offer the highest quality of work to all of our customers."

Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment

The Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment qualification is nationally recognised within the property care industry ensuring our Norwich team have the knowledge, expertise to deal with any property care issue. Quality, specialist technicians are on hand in and around the Norwich area to help keep your home free from woodworm, wood rot and damp. With over 60 years of experience in treating rising damp, fungal decay and wood-boring beetles you can be sure we wont let you down.